14 curiosities of ‘La Casa de Papel’, from sugar explosions to 52 versions of an episode

On September 3, the first part of the fifth season of the Netflix series of robbers opens. The beginning of the end begins.

The Money Heist It is one of the greats television phenomena of our country in recent years. Your arrival at Netflix made audiences in different countries as entertaining as we are with this story of robbers. Curiosity does not stop increasing and the need to know more about the title created by Alex Pina and its protagonists -like Alvaro Death, Úrsula Corberó, Najwa Nimri and Jaime Lorente, among others, is growing.

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For this reason in SensaCine we have made a compilation of details you may not have known yet and other anecdotes from the shoot. Some of them you can find in the documentary La Casa de Papel: The phenomenon, where through interviews with the actors and part of the team, funny curiosities about the successful production are discovered.


The Money Heist it has been done from the start with a key outfit. The color red has become one more character throughout the seasons as the representative color of the band’s monkeys, and even in other objects such as the telephone, megaphones or posters. What’s more, the masks have served as a tribute to the Spanish painter Salvador Dalí. It is already an outfit that has been crowned the quintessential fan costume.



Álex Pina’s fiction was slightly different in its early versions. The creator had planned to call the project The Evicted And all the protagonists who participate in the robbery have something in common: that their houses have been taken from them. Eventually, that more social layer disappeared from the script and the series was given the name of The Money Heist. The meaning of the title is not a mystery, since it refers to the place where the banknotes are manufactured and stored.

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If you want to visit the place where he has the robbery of the first seasons in real life, you may be in for a surprise. The National Factory of La Moneda y Timbre that we see in the series does not belong to the real building, but is the façade of the CSIC (Higher Council for Scientific Research). Also, although it is more difficult to locate, the interiors are recorded on the same set on which the two seasons of Vis a Vis, located in Colmenar Viejo.

In the fourth season the action is transferred to the Bank of Spain. At least in fiction, since the exteriors have been taken from the Ministry of Development, a few kilometers from the real Bank of Spain.


The production team of The Money Heist had the idea that the crystals that would explode in the shooting in front of La Casa de la Moneda were sugar cubes. This allowed the sugar to give the effect of glass scattered on the ground that would have exploded the bullet. For the total safety of those present, the pistols used only expelled air and were used by professionals. All that action that is seen on screen disappears in the filming.

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On The Money Heist even those behind the camera have wanted to appear. This is the case of Alejandro Bazzano, one of the directors of the fiction who appeared in the finale playing a Serbian Doctor. Also the assistant director, Daniel Higueras, got into the role of a clerk in a store where Raquel goes.


If something is in The Money Heist they are bills. Money is the key to fiction, but have you ever wondered where so much comes from? The team of the series used the rotaries of the newspaper ABC to carry out the massive printing of banknotes and yes, on newsprint. For security reasons they could not use the real machinery of the Casa de la Moneda.


The type of ‘outfit’ that Tokyo has worn during the series has generated many questions and surely some inspiration. It may even remind you of someone, right? The character played by Úrsula Corberó is inspired by Mathilda, the character who gave life Natalie Portman in Lion, The professional. We help you with an image.



Everything had to be perfect. The production team wanted the heist to go flawless, so they filmed 52 versions of the first chapter to polish the entire plot, from the plan to the characters. Each of these versions has different nuances and details, so the story could have been different if the first version had been chosen.


On The Money Heist even the music is representative. There are two clear examples of songs that are already part of fiction and that are also a wink that some have not been able to identify. During a scene the Professor plays a melody on the piano for Raquel, it is about the music of the film The hit, a famous film about the search for the best scam. And, on the other hand, in several episodes of the first season it sounds’Bella Ciao‘(Goodbye, Bella) an Italian partisan song that the resistant groups sang against fascism. It has been translated into several languages.


One of the most shocking scenes of the third season was that rain of bills by the Band. This sequence was filmed in the Plaza Callao from the Madrid capital. On screen it looks wonderful, but the rain of bills was an ordeal for the team during its filming, since the fans who moved the counterfeit money got stuck … by the bills themselves. To this had to be added the rain that caused the recording to stop on numerous occasions.


Although they may seem perfect, those gold bars that you see in the image have gone through a long process of special effects. During the filming of the aquatic scene, the originals began to bend and deteriorate at times. The tension on the set was palpable, as they only had one chance to shoot the shot. After this first mistake, the heavy lifting fell on the visual effects team. They had to touch up and draw each ingot. One by one. Scene by scene. Up to more than 1000 ingots.


The ovens that appear in the basements of the Bank of Spain in the series are authentic, as are the people who use them in the series. To find out how such a quantity of gold bars could be smelted, the production team went to the workshop of Cristian Lay jewelry from Jerez de los Caballeros in Extramadura (Spain).

To make everything seem more real, and to have the help of professionals, the actors who appear in the furnaces are professional foundries. Manuel Manceras Sr. and Manuel Manceras Jr. are in charge of working the liquid gold in the series and wear the famous red jumpsuit for a moment.


Unlike the rest of the names of cities that the characters carry, which were quickly put, the one of Úrsula Corberó -Tokyo in fiction- has a more original origin. The same day they spoke with the actress about the role she was going to play in the series, Alex Pina wore a T-shirt with the title Tokyo and from there came the inspiration for the name of this character.

As we say, the names were chosen randomly, but after the success of the first seasons, the team decided to use the introduction of new characters to honor those places where they were most successful. Lisbon, Palermo, Bogotá or Marseille are references to the fans of those cities.


In 2018, after the arrival on Netflix, The Money Heist became the most watched foreign language series of the year. At the same time, it was one of the most played on the streaming platform. In fact, it was awarded at the International Emmy Awards and became the Best Drama Series of the 46th edition.