4 ‘Beauty and the Beast’ script holes that got better in the live action movie

The animation classic fell in love with all of us, but it had some mistakes. Years later, the writers improved on these flaws. You can see it tonight at 10pm on Telecinco.

In 1991 it was released Beauty and the Beast, one of the animated films that helped in the Disney Renaissance that was produced in 1989 after the premiere of The little Mermaid and it continued until 1999. There are many who adore his songs – who has not ever sung ‘What a feast!’? – and his characters. With this in mind, the studio wanted to appeal to the nostalgia of the fans and released in 2017 a live action version of the classic titled, of course, Beauty and the Beast with Emma Watson as the protagonist.

In addition to attracting everyone who had grown up imagining what it would be like to be in the streets that Bella traveled, it was a golden opportunity to update the story and fix the odd script hole that had been sneaked into the first version. Here we collect several mysteries that the original tape left and that, decades later, were solved.


Bella’s unknown past

If you are a fan of Beauty and the Beast For a long time, perhaps you have ever wondered what happened to the mother of the protagonist. The director of the new version, Bill Condon, was clear that he wanted to answer some questions such as “Why is Bella so different from everyone else and no one understands her?” and that happens to explain his past.

‘Beauty and the Beast’: This is how we will discover the past of an important character in the film [‘SPOILERS’]

In the film we move to Bella’s childhood, when she lived in Paris with her parents. Thus we discover that the mother succumbed to the plague, but first begged Maurice (Kevin Kline) to take her daughter away from the focus of the disease so that they could survive. The two ended up in a small town, where they didn’t quite fit in. The absence of the mother figure causes a void in Bella and her father and the young woman feels like a foreigner among her neighbors.


Why doesn’t anyone remember the prince?

The animation film leaves us with a great doubt: how is it possible that none of the villagers remember the castle and the prince or, at least, realize that he is there? After decades of mystery later, the new version better explains the consequences of the curse. One of these effects is that no one remembers the prince or those who suffered the spell, hence, for example, Mrs. Potts’s husband does not remember his wife and son.


How old is the prince?

The animation tape offers confusing information about the age at which the prince suffered the curse. If the calculations are made thanks to what the songs and the epilogue say, Adam should be 11 years old. This is what we draw as a conclusion when listening to the narrator explain that he has until the age of 21 to break the spell and when Lumiére says in the song ‘What a feast!’ that “In ten years we had no diners.” If we subtract those 10 years of curse, we have as a result the age of the prince: 11.

So far everything seems normal, but the portrait we see of the prince presents him as an adult. This is a contradiction that has been around for a long time. In the new version, they eliminate any doubt by changing that line that Lumiere sings. Instead of 10 years, they say “a long time.” And end of the mystery.


But wasn’t the castle a mystery?

We all know that no one in the town remembers the prince, the castle or any of its inhabitants. So … why in the song ‘Asalto al castillo’ Gastón guides the people to the castle of Beast without thinking twice? How is it possible if they don’t know where the prince’s house is? This, which generated much debate among animation fans, has changed in the most up-to-date film. In the live action version, Maurice is seen to be the one pointing the way to the castle, someone oblivious to the curse.