44-year-old Dharmendra-Jitendra’s song of this film created a ruckus, a step had to be taken overnight

44-year-old Dharmendra-Jitendra’s song of this film created a ruckus, a step had to be taken overnight

Director Manmohan Desai’s 1977 film Dharam Veer proved to be a blockbuster at that time. From the film’s star cast to the songs, the audience was well-liked. The film had Dharmendra, Jeetendra, Zeenat Aman, Neetu Singh, and Pran in the lead roles.

However, a song from this film, which came 44 years ago, was very well received. The women’s organization in the country stood up against this song and under compulsion, lyricist Anand Bakshi had to rewrite and record the song.

The song Dharam Veer from the film Seven Wonders in the World … Although many songs have been made in Bollywood on friendship, but this song filmed on Dharmendra and Jitendra is everybody’s favorite. But as soon as the release of this song, women’s organizations created a ruckus in the country.

Let me tell you that when the music album of this film was released, within a few days, women’s organizations started opposing it. The song was later re-recorded and released by the makers by changing the lyrics.

The biggest reason for this whole controversy was some lyrics of the song. In the second stanza of the song, Anand Bakshi had written something that sparked controversy.
Actually, the second stanza of the song was – is it a girl or silk thread. How angry, how much mouth is loud. Do not let loose, laugh, keep friends tightly. Hardly controlled girl or mare. There was a lot of controversy about the same line girl or more.

Some women’s organizations objected to comparing the woman to the mare in the song. After this, the director of the film Manmohan Desai asked Anand Bakshi to write a second line. Realizing the seriousness of the case, Anand Bakshi also quickly changed the lyrics of the last line and wrote – barely relaxed, a little relaxation which was left.

the 70s was the period when Dharmendra was struggling to make his mark in the industry. They lived in scarce resources. Meanwhile, one day Dharmendra drank a full bottle of constipation medicine to satisfy his hunger. Then his health had deteriorated so much that he had to be hospitalized.

Hardly anyone knows that the stunt scenes of this film were done by Dharmendra himself. He himself shared this information on social media. He told the video by sharing it. In the video, Dharmendra is seen fighting with two soldiers while riding on a horse. He has two spears in his hand in this scene. He shared the video and wrote – no duplicate, God bless.

By the way, let me tell you that his son Bobby Deol played the role of Dharmendra’s childhood. It was Bobby’s film debut as a child artist.


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