5 anecdotes from ‘Love is in the air’ for fans

Just because the story of Eda and Serkan Bolat is over doesn’t mean we have to say goodbye to them drastically.

Maybe Love is in the air has already issued its last chapter, but who has said that this also means the end of the phenomenon? Not much less. The followers of the series are even stronger than before. This is demonstrated by the record they broke with the issuance of the denouement. On September 8 they became the most commented episode on Twitter in history. That said, the passion for Eda and Serkan Bolat is far from fading.

The actors say goodbye to ‘Love is in the air’: Good friends, good memories and a lot of emotion

So that Hande Erçel and Kerem Bürsin do not fall into oblivion, here we collect five curiosities of You steal my door that will appeal to all fans of Turkish televole.

Strawberries and cherries

The name of Kiraz, the daughter of Eda Yildiz and Serkan Bolat, means ‘cherry’ in Turkish. In a recent Instagram direct, Hande Erçel has stated that she wanted the girl to be called Çilek, ‘strawberries’ in Spanish, since, like Serkan, she is allergic to that fruit. As an extra fun fact: in real life, Elçin Afacan, the actress who plays Melo, is allergic.

Meet in the middle of a pandemic

Hande Erçel and Kerem Bürsin began preparing the Turkish soap opera about four months before filming began. At that time, most countries had decreed the harshest confinement, so they could not see each other in person. They had to start getting to know each other via video call. “Harmony is the most important thing for a romantic comedy. We met 4 months before filming and it was quarantine. At that point, we got used to the idea of ​​working together. We don’t have a lot of separate scenes so I can tell we adjusted quickly, Erçel said in an interview with the Hello there Turkish.

Kerem Bürsin’s consolation to Maya Absol on the last day of filming

The last day of filming for season 2 of Love is in the air It was emotional for everyone, but especially for Maya Absol, the actress who plays little Kiraz. In an interview with the media that had come to take statements, Absol appeared in the arms of Kerem Bürsin – his father in fiction – unable to hold back his tears. The sweetness with which the actor treated him did not go unnoticed.

Pyryl’s Hidden Talent: Singing

On more than one occasion, fans of Love is in the air they have seen Pyryl singing in front of the protagonists. In case you were wondering, Basak Gümülcinelioglu, the actress who plays her, is not pretending that she can sing, but that it is one of her hidden talents. Music is another of his passions and, in fact, one of the first things he has done after finishing the Turkish soap opera is to launch his first single, entitled ‘Kiraz’. The song could be heard at Serkan and Eda’s wedding.

‘Love is in the air’ changed Kerem Bürsin’s plans

Love is in the air Kerem Bürsin’s life has changed, but the most curious thing is that chance has a lot to do with it. The actor had planned to leave for the United States in early 2020, but the pandemic hit and he was forced to stay in Turkey. Since he was here, he got the script for a thing called You steal my door, he liked it and did the test. In this way he ended up being Serkan Bolat.

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