5G technology: Juhi Chawla fined 20 lakhs, the court expressed displeasure

5G technology: Juhi Chawla fined 20 lakhs, the court expressed displeasure

Bollywood actress Juhi Chawla was in the news for a long time for her petition against 5G networking. Now recently, the Delhi High Court, while giving its verdict on Friday, has shocked the actress. The Delhi High Court has dismissed Juhi Chawla’s petition against 5G technology and imposed a fine of Rs 20 lakh on her.

Explain that the petition had claimed that there is a risk of harm to humans, animals, birds, and the environment due to 5G wireless technology schemes. However, the court dismissed this petition saying that the petitioner has misused the legal process and find them.

The court says that it appears that this suit was filed only for publicity. Actually, Juhi Chawla also shared the link to the hearing on social media. Giving a verdict on Juhi’s petition, the Delhi High Court said that there is only some such information in her petition which is correct, the rest are only speculations and doubts have been expressed. Along with this, the court asked Juhi Chawla to deposit the court fees which are made along with the rules in this case.

Let us inform you that during the earlier hearing, a bench of Justice JR Midha of the Delhi High Court had reserved its decision after hearing the matter on June 2. The bench had said that Juhi Chawla is faulty and this petition was filed only for media publicity. The bench had also asked Juhi why he filed a petition in the court instead of going to the government first in this matter?

The court raised questions on Juhi Chawla coming directly to the court to challenge the 5G wireless network technology without resorting to the government. Justice JR said Juhi Chawla and two others needed to first approach the government for their rights and should have come to court if there was a denial.


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