8Years Of Raanjhanaa: ‘Zoya’ had fallen in love with ‘Kundan’ while reading Namaz, ‘Raanjhanaa’ had reached Delhi from Banaras

8Years Of Raanjhanaa: ‘Zoya’ had fallen in love with ‘Kundan’ while reading Namaz, ‘Raanjhanaa’ had reached Delhi from Banaras

The love story of Kundan and Zoya emerged from the streets of Banaras eight years ago. Which was shown on the big screen by Sonam Kapoor and Dhanush in the film ‘Raanjhana’ It was a simple story that was made very special.

Kundan falls in love with Zoya at first sight in childhood. Zoya goes to Delhi to study, there she falls in love with Jasjit Singh ie Abhay Deol. Kundan waits for his love for years. But his wait becomes the cause of his death.

The story begins with Chhote Kundan reaching Zoya’s house with his friends wearing a Bholenath Chola to collect donations. There his eyes are two-four, which is reciting Namaz from Zoya. Kundan’s dialogue here expresses the sentiments ‘Namaz mein she the aur dua Hamari kubool ho Rahi this.

From here begins the unique and unique love story of Zoya and Kundan. When Kundan’s childhood becomes young in love with Zoya, he does not even know. But the family is guarded by childhood love and Zoya’s father sends her away from Kundan and Banaras to Delhi to study.

From here the real twist in the story begins. Kundan (Dhanush) then becomes ‘Raanjhana’ in love with Zoya (Sonam Kapoor). But here Zoya’s love changes. Or rather, Zoya starts to understand the real meaning of love. But Kundan was singing in the love of Zoya ‘Raanjhana Hua Main Tera, Kaun Tere Bin Mera’.

Kundan’s wait ends and Zoya returns to the streets of Banaras again. But where had the family’s guard ended so far, Zoya’s family wanted her to get married. Where could Kundan allow this to happen? ‘The love of the boys of the locality is often taken away by doctors and engineers.’

Kundan did not even know that Zoya is no longer his. After this, the twist that comes in the story made everyone cry. Kundan does something to bring herself into life after which Zoya is unable to forgive herself. After this, Kundan travels from Banaras to Delhi to apologize to Zoya.

Kundan, who becomes even a chaiwala in the hope of ‘Piya Milenge’, loses his life. But this story is not only of Kundan and Zoya but also of Bindiya (Swara Bhaskar), Murari (Zeeshan Ayyub), and Jasjit Singh (Abhay Deol).

Everyone’s acting in the film made four moons. Sonam Kapoor gave her 100 percent in the character of Zoya. On the other hand, Hindi with a Tamil accent in the form of Dhanush’s Kundan won the hearts of the audience.

Swara as Bindiya and Zeeshan as Murari captivated everyone. The music of the film was also excellent, which is liked till date. Apart from this, the dialogues of the film have kept it in discussion among the fans to date.

The dialogue is spoken by Dhanush in the climax of the film, in which he is counting his last breaths, (The fire in my chest could have either made me alive or killed me. But who has woken up now.) These people remember mouth-to-mouth. . The simple story of Kundan was made special by the music, dialogues, cast of the film. The film still gets a lot of love from the audience.