A new school year at the Carcassonne Agglo Conservatory

the essential
While registrations are open, the site highlights several new disciplines and activities that will be offered during the year 2021-2022.

Like the Fabrique des Arts in the broad sense, the Carcassonne Agglo Conservatory has adapted to the health context to strive to preserve the quality and continuity of its teaching as much as possible. A difficult period which did not prevent the teams from piling up again for a year 2021-2022 which already promises to be exciting, given the number of new activities offered. Small inventory.

Instrumental initiation by the orchestra. Reserved for children aged 7 to 8, 1.5 hours per week. Alternation of traditional musical training, initiation to the orchestra in collective and initiation of instrument in semi-collective.

Musidanse. This device intended for students of large section is an awakening to dance or music (at the time of registration) which offers throughout the year musical encounters for student dancers, and choreographic encounters for student musicians. Weekly meetings of 45 minutes.

Teen jazz dance (12-17 years old). A course organized around different warm-up exercises, technical elements and work on the fundamentals of jazz dance. It ends with a choreographic exercise in the form of a variation.

Ground bar (adults). Work on the ground which allows you to strengthen your muscles by stretching. The lying position promotes the release of tensions thus participating in the lengthening of the muscles, and the flexibility of the joints.

Contemporary dance lessons for sportsmen and artists (14-21 years old). This contemporary dance class is for students who already have an artistic or sports practice. Physical and artistic notions that can complement the initial practice will be explored in class: body awareness, breathing, stage presence, engagement, improvisation, realization of a loose gesture …

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