‘After 3’ and ‘After 4’: The four actors who have been replaced in the end of the saga about Tessa and Hardin

The latest installments in the franchise that adapts Anna Todd’s novels have included some new faces for characters that had already been introduced in previous films.

After. Lost souls, the third installment of the film franchise that adapts the successful series of novels by Anna Todd, has already reached Spanish cinemas. Soon its sequel will do After Ever Happy -still no release date in Spain-, which was filmed continuously with its predecessor under the orders of director Castille Landon. Hero Fiennes Tiffin and Josephine Langford get back into the shoes of Hardin and Tessa, the leading couple, but the third and fourth installments of the franchise have made some changes with their actors. Specific, After. Lost souls has replaced four interpreters.

One of them is Shane Paul McGhie, who has given life to Landon, Tessa’s best friend, in After: Everything starts here and Despues de. In a thousand pieces. In the new installment of the saga, it is Chance Perdomo, Ambrose Spellman on Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, who gets into the character’s skin. McGhie already announced his resignation in October 2020 due to had not been able to reach an agreement for the third and fourth films.

On the left, Shane Paul McGhie. On the right, Chance Perdomo.

Another change is that of Selma Blair. The interpreter gave life to Carol, Tessa’s mother, in the first two installments, but due to her multiple sclerosis, the actress has not been able to return as the character in the sequels. Mira Sorvino has been chosen to replace her.

On the left, Selma Blair. On the right, Mira Sorvino.

Fans of the series True Blood they will have recognized one of the actors of After. Lost souls. Stephen Moyer, known for bringing the vampire to life Bill Compton in HBO fiction. In the last installments of the saga about Tessa and Hardin, Moyer replaces Charlie Weber in the role of Christian Vance. Weber played the character in Despues de. In a thousand pieces.

On the left, Charlie Weber. On the right, Stephen Moyer.

Finally, Arielle Kebbel replaces Candice King as Kimberley. Kebbel is known for series like Vampire Chronicles and movies like All against him and What men think.

On the left, Candice King. On the right, Arielle Kebbel.

After. Lost souls is the penultimate chapter in the story of Tessa and Hardin on the big screen. The film, which premiered in our country and other territories last weekend, has raised more than nine million dollars. After the future release of After Ever Happy, Director Castille Landon will be in charge of directing a prequel about Hardin and a sequel about the children of the leading couple.

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