Akshay Kumar will be seen playing this character in Janhvi Kapoor’s Dostana 2 !!

Akshay Kumar will be seen playing this character in Janhvi Kapoor’s Dostana 2 !!

Karan Johar has shown his way out of his upcoming film Dostana 2 (Dostana 2) due to his negligence to Bollywood artist Karthik Aaryan. Dharma Production itself has given this information to the people through a social media post. After Karthik Aryan’s exit from the film, there are reports that Akshay Kumar has been entered in it. Akshay Kumar and Karan Johar are very good friends and the two have decided to work together on this project.

PeepingMoon has reported in one of its reports that Karan Johar has decided to tweak the script of ‘Dostana 2’ for Akshay Kumar so that he can fit into the Starcast. The source informed the portal, ‘Dostana 2 wanted to make Karan Johar with a young star cast but after Karthik, he has decided to make some changes to it.

Karan Johar wants to bring the story of Dostana 2 to the people, which is why he has made the entry of a star like Akshay Kumar in the film’s story. Akshay Kumar will be seen playing the character of Jahnavi Kapoor’s brother in the film.

Dharma Productions has not yet confirmed the name of Akshay Kumar that he will appear in ‘Dostana 2’. Along with Akshay Kumar, Varun Dhawan’s name for the film ‘Dostana 2’ is also coming out. Varun Dhawan and Karan Johar are also very good friends, due to which it is believed that they can be seen in ‘Dostana 2’.

If Varun has an entry in Dostana 2, then Karan Johar will not have to work too much on the script of the film. Karthik and Varun are of the same age. Varun Dhawan can directly join the star cast of ‘Dostana 2’.


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