Albi. Babylon Circus on the Zguen Fest stage!

Born in 1995, the Babylon Circus have never stopped touring. A quarter of a century of scouring concert halls around the world, sharing their protests, their hopes, their touch of madness. Babylon Circus is above all a band of enthusiasts, guided by the desire to bring together. It’s unlabeled music, a happy melting pot of reggae, ska, rock. Words sometimes burning and engaged, other times funny and poetic. These music backpackers cross borders, stages, years, simply carried by the idea of ​​having fun with friends and in music.

Friday September 17th it is in Albi, on the stage of Zguen Fest, that the Babylon Circus will come to set fire. An evening that promises to be exceptional, also alongside Tiwiza and Xipili & The Rayers. We were able to discuss with Manuel Nectoux, singer and founding member of the group on the occasion of their very next visit to the episcopal city.

If you had to take a quick look at all these years, what would it be?

The look we put on all of that is the look that we put on a whole life. Twenty-five years is ultimately the adventure of a lifetime. You feel a mixture of pride and gratitude. We were very lucky. We were able to make a lot of trips, tours, meetings. It is absolutely unbelievable.

Today you are 9. How do you work with such a number?

It is above all us, David Baruchel and I (the two singers), who write and compose the music. But everyone adds their two cents and their say of course. The big artistic decisions and the texts must be validated by the whole group. For years it’s been billions of endless meetings. A real human and collective experience! Then over time we work differently, from afar and in a cooler way.

On the Zguen stage, you will present your new album “State of emergency”. What did you want to put behind this term “state of emergency”?

We made this album before the Covid crisis. The name of the album is taken from the name of an eponymous song, which we wrote with Barry Moore. We found that the name unfortunately already resonates with a lot of hot topics. In particular the climate crisis and social crises.

The last few months have violently weakened the world of culture. Are you worried about your job?

Yes, we are asking more and more questions. The implementation of the health pass, it was hard because part of our public does not accept it. It is split in two and it is difficult to accept. But what is clear is that since we were able to resume concerts, when we go on stage it’s a crazy emotion that passes. We get goosebumps and tears in our eyes every time.

What are you planning for the Zguen?

We will play a little differently: there will be 6 on stage and in acoustics. A super nice format. We are hot boiling!

At 7 p.m., Cour du Carré Public, 6 rue Jules Rolland in Albi. Bar and restaurant on site. 15 € in presale / 30 € on site / free – 12 years old
Ticket office on weezevent.