Albi. Between a passion for beauty and the pleasure of meeting people

“I have always liked beautiful things, strange objects, which are out of the ordinary” summarizes Guillaume Alapetite. And this Albigensian second-hand dealer to sweep with a mischievous glance the 260 m2 of his brand new place, stopping on Stella chairs, a complete mint green coffee set or even large Venetian mirrors just returned.

Mechanic by training, projectionist cinema operator out of a passion for the 7th art, a longtime valet bartender in the prestigious Guy Savoie house on avenue Kleber in Paris, it was for Albi where his brother was a record store and concert organizer, that at the dawn of the years 2000, this Parisian left the capital. “To breathe a bit” says this lover of nature “and the Cordes route” he adds. He moved to Noailles coming from Albi. “The Cordes road had its autumn colors, I liked it. And it was the only exit from Albi spared by the shopping areas. We are immediately in the countryside.”

These beautiful things that people throw away

“There were wild waste dumps, I saw lots of beautiful things that people threw away. I went around in the evening” remembers Guillaume on his first steps as a second-hand dealer. Restorer too, in particular of the lights that the antique dealers in the area came to buy from him. Rested and in love, the New Tarnais decided, in 2006, to set up on his own. Without hesitation it will be route de Cordes, at 136, in the hangar he rented 15 years from René. This is where the Green Dog was born, a flea market unlike any other with a thousand sets in one, thanks to Guillaume’s talents as a director. An unmissable Albigensian place for all lovers of China, finds, treasures and good music. A cabinet of curiosities so furnished that it took two months to move it, when René died. To go where ? Route de Cordes, of course, 7 km further. This is where since the end of August the Green Dog has found its new home.

“I learn all the time”

The bar counter in straw-yellow formica, assorted fridges, flecked ages ago in an old bistro in Carmaux, has regained its place. Essential. The rest is luminous, not yet labyrinthine. “I don’t want to pile up. I’m going to make small stands but keep the mind scavenging … What I like about this job is that I learn all the time through objects. There are human encounters, the little coffee, good music… “this lover of good sound savored aloud. Vinyl records, he has more than 5,000 and he really wants to make a dedicated space for them. One of the many surprises to come at the Chien Vert.

Open Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m., to find on Face book Le Chien vert 910 route de Cordes.