Albret Jazz Festival de Nérac: Marc-Olivier, a new entry point into the world of jazz

the essential
He is young, collects diplomas and awards, and impresses with his maturity and dexterity. Meeting with Marc-Olivier Poingt, who will play on Saturday at the Albret Jazz Festival in Nérac.

The value does not wait for the number of years. Corneille (or rather Rodrigue) saw it right and in the artistic field, music is the favorable ground for the expression of precocious talent. We are not going to take the example of a famous little Salzburger named Wolfgang Amadeus, who brought joy to the courts of Europe, but rather let us stop at a figure in Agen experiencing a rise that nothing seems to upset: the pianist Marc -Olivier Poingt. He will give a concert on Saturday evening in Nérac (Albret Jazz Festival), and will once again demonstrate all his talent.

Only 24 years old, he is already collecting successes. A native of Agen, after a baccalaureate at the Lycée Palissy, he obtained a license in musicology at the University of Bordeaux, also obtaining the state diplomas of classical piano teacher and jazz piano teacher. He was then just in his twenties… Then, towards the American University of Berklee College of Music. Based in Boston, Massachusetts, it has a campus in Valence, which Marc-Olivier Poingt joined as a scholarship student. Places are “expensive” to join this very prestigious school, from which our Agenais has just graduated fresh.

Crazy race between white and black

The story doesn’t end there, but let’s get back to the source. “I was immersed in music very early on, explains the young man. My father Patrice is a piano teacher, he is quite well known on Agen since he officiates at the Tannerie, and I grew up in the shade of his keyboards. I was there from the age of 3, and music has never left me since: I’m 24, which means that the piano is 90% of my life “.

“Pierced” by notes from an early age, he focused on classical music and jazz, notably taking lessons at the Agen conservatory. His progression was very rapid, occurring at the age of 16 while still in high school. Marc-Olivier Poingt is already distinguished by his lively and technical touch, allowing him to hold long improvisations, those which transport the audience on unexpected harmonic paths. “Improvisation is instant creation. The mind builds and the fingers perform. In this frantic race, I am ahead of my music, and it is an exciting exercise.”

“I’m also an advocate of music that makes people happy,” he laughs. keeping this theme. The improvisation offers an incredible freedom, or the field of possibilities. I also do it with airs of the French song, Piaf or Brassens. And there I put all my heart, because I am a lover of our national music. “

Good “Intuitions”

Another passion, Spanish music, and also South American, in which he draws greedily to model “a new vision of music”. Marc-Olivier Poingt used this research work during his studies at Berklee College of Music. He teamed up with a bass player and a drummer to form a group, the MarcO Poingt Trio. Pieces of his composition were recorded in a studio in Portugal for a future album (called “Intuition”) currently being mixed in Los Angeles. His music is also played from the continents, and on Saturday evening in Nérac the public will be able to check if these first “Intuitions” are correct.

“Marco” will then leave on the road, for a tour in France, Spain, perhaps Switzerland and Germany, to enter the career (of international jazz) when his elders are still there. At the same time, the young Agenais also wants to work for the cinema: it is up to him to write his success story.

Cherished child of the “Agen family”

Mentioning the talent of Marc-Olivier Poingt is also and above all referring to his father Patrice. Has the son overtaken the master? We will leave it to the two protagonists to answer this question, but one thing is certain: the son has long remained in the shadow of the father, fed on his tens, hundreds, thousands of piano lessons. The teacher taught his students to play, and the son did not miss a beat. As a child, he was also allowed to play – in the first sense – with a piano. Like others play with an electric train or a balloon, Marc-Olivier galloped his little hands on the keyboard. Beautiful playground, and his father Patrice recognizes him today an undeniable mastery.

Other local personalities supervised or encouraged Marc-Olivier. Let us quote Stephan Rizon, Matthieu Chazarenc, Stellia Koumba, Omar Hassan. His “Agen family” would be incomplete without citing Béatrice Uria-Monzon. “She is very important to me, admits the young musician. She has always helped me. I have accompanied her in recitals, and she always allowed me to present one of my creations, in front of her audience. J I have a very high regard for her, I owe her a lot. And we have so many projects to carry out together. I consider her as my second mother “.