Albret Jazz Festival: Didier Bergen, the spearhead of eclectic jazz

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He is the man behind the programming of the Albret Jazz Festival. Didier Bergen is an artistic director who refuses the easy. With his dedication and his knowledge of the environment, he is the cornerstone of the event.

Jazz lovers in Lot-et-Garonne inevitably know his name. Didier Bergen, artistic director of the Albret Jazz Festival is also “the most Lot-et-Garonnais” of Parisians, according to Jean-François Garrabos, president of Albret Tourisme. And it is true that the imprint left by Didier Bergen is verified when one associates jazz with the territory. Defining himself as an autodidact, he rose through the ranks with daring and modesty, until he started the concept of “All that Jazz” in 2009.

Give a chance to emerging artists

As a designer and artistic director, the original Parisian conquered cinemas by transforming them into a real concert stage. During five seasons in Agen but also in Blois, Perigeux, Nimes or Rodez, the concerts will last until 2017. In each of them, the desire to highlight the talents of the future combined with artists they qualify as “locomotives”: “I refuse to speak of headliners. All the artists present on the Albret Jazz Festival program are talented. Some are simply less known than others”. Faithful to his egalitarian vision, the artistic director has gradually imposed his paw, far from the facilities: “As a programmer, I can be content to find artists who appear on television simply to attract the public. is not my vision of a festival. Here, we want to bring quality to the countryside and for a price accessible to all “insists Didier Bergen. Through his various experiences in the world of entertainment, music animation and project management, the event creator has refined his own style, to then enhance jazz in the region. In addition to this musical passion, he is also the founder of Les Joyeuseries, a humor festival now anchored in the annual calendar of Loir-et-Cher.

A director without borders

In Nérac however, the artistic director did not come to joke. Like the All That Jazz Agen scene where Didier Bergen had attracted prestigious attendees like Madeleine Peyroux, Dirty Loops, Stacey Kent and many others, he reiterates a casting of talents for the benefit of the Théâtre de Verdure scene. It is to him that the Albret Jazz Festival owes the attendance of André Manoukian, Sarah Lancman, Robin Mc Kelle and all the talented artists scheduled for the second weekend of September. There again, he dares to push back the boundaries of jazz and refuses to confine himself to one and the same style: “The festival should have been called the eclectic Albret Jazz Festival but it was too long” he quips. describe the different influences of the concerts: “Jazz is also sharing. This is why we will find blues, soul and even electro jazz to conclude the festival. This mixture of varieties is essential.”

Albret Jazz Festival, September 10, 11 and 12 at Parc de la Garenne in Nérac. Information and reservations on