Álvaro Morte’s radical change from ‘La Casa de Papel’ to ‘The Wheel of Time’

The actor who has become known worldwide as “The Professor” plays the villain Logain in the highly anticipated Amazon Prime Video series that adapts Robert Jordan’s famous fantasy literary saga.

We have just enjoyed him again in the skin of The teacher hand in hand with the premiere of the fifth season of The Money Heist on Netflix, but last week we also got to see Álvaro Morte in the shoes of a very, very different character that we will see him perform between Volume 1 and the premiere of Volume 2 of the hit series of the red monkey robber band. That the actor from Cádiz is one of the cast members of The Wheel of Time We know it since the end of 2019, but the first promotional images and subsequent trailer of the long-awaited Amazon Prime Video series have allowed us see him for the first time as Logain Ablar, a villain in the adaptation of Robert Jordan’s fantasy literary saga.

The first time we saw Morte as Logain, it was with the release of the first official images of The Wheel of Time, although later we did it again, this time in motion and with a very close-up, in the official trailer of the fiction starring Rosamund Pike.

Amazon Prime Video / EW
Logain (Álvaro Morte) is a man capable of using magic and believes that this makes him King. The Aes Sedai do not agree.

While in the first image the character appeared as a prisoner of the Aes Sedai, the organization of powerful women who maintain control, in the trailer it seems to show Logain making use of the One Power.

Álvaro Morte as Logain in the trailer for The Wheel of Time.

In the literary saga of Robert Jordan, Logain is presented as one of the men capable of extracting the Power from the masculine part of the Source, the Saidin, and who in the past tried to consecrate himself as the Dragon Reborn. of which the prophecy that Moirane now seeks so eagerly to avoid the end of the world spoke. Captured by the Aes Sedai, the image we see in the trailer may be a ‘flashback’ of his battle against the sorceresses, after which he would be arrested, and, although in the books he is a secondary character – although important, that is. – it seems that in the series they will not waste time presenting the character’s plot to the audience.

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“Just as men often try to end female power in our world, the Aes Sedai are trying to prevent this man from becoming too powerful,” she explained to Entertainment Weekly Rafe Judkins on the character of Morte and how dangerous his presence in the equation.

If, hypothetically, one of our male characters were able to use the One Power, they would understand the stakes from what they see of Logain.

At the time of publication of the first images and the extensive and interesting report by Entertainment Weekly, Álvaro Morte was very excited, quickly sharing on their social networks what was published by the aforementioned magazine:

Similarly, the creator of the series Rafe Judkins could not be more excited in the presence of the actor of The Money Heist in his cast of actors and actresses and already in December, when we learned about his signing, he acknowledged having cried when he saw his first performance in the character’s skin.

I am in love with Álvaro Morte. I really cried in my office when I saw his performance in the first scene. It’s going to break you

The Wheel of Time It is an ambitious project like few others and those who know the long-lived literary saga of Robert Jordan know it well. Thus, is one of the most anticipated series on Amazon Prime Video, which premieres its first three episodes on November 19. Secondly, The Money Heist has just released the first half of its fifth season and the remaining five episodes will be released on Netflix on December 3.

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