Amandine Petit (Miss France 2020): “I am the big sister of all these Miss”

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Amandine Petit, Miss France 2020, will be this Saturday evening in Villemur-sur-Tarn to preside over the election of Miss Midi-Pyrénées 2021. 14 candidates elected in 7 departmental elections, will try to win the regional scarf and succeed Emma Arrebot-Natou, Miss Midi-Pyrénées 2020. The winner will get her ticket for the Miss France election which will take place on December 11 in Caen.

You said, in a little video, that you were happy to take back your pilgrim’s staff and go to the regional elections.

I am happy to go back to the regional elections to meet the candidates. It is true that this weekend is loaded with Miss Poitou Charente, Miss Midi-Pyrénées and Miss Aquitaine. A beautiful weekend in perspective. We resumed last week for Miss Reunion. In September and October, there will be regional elections every weekend.

How do you experience your visits to the regions?

It’s always a pleasure to get in touch with people. I also wanted to become the director of a health establishment, to work in the health and social field, to be in contact with people, to help them, to support them. At Miss France, we are there to relay a smile, joy, good humor, kindness. Especially in the current context, Miss France makes even more sense. For me, it’s always a pleasure to meet people. In recent months, this has not always been the case.

Elections with a public change everything.

Not all elections are open to the public yet. In Miss Reunion, for example, there were none due to confinement. In some regions, there are now audiences, as there will be at Miss Midi-Pyrénées. It feels good. We must take advantage of it because we do not know what tomorrow will bring. But it will be necessary to respect the sanitary rules.

Did you feel the desire of the public to find “the life of before”?

People are very happy to attend shows, to go out, to go to places of culture, to the cinema, to restaurants and therefore to come to the regional and departmental elections of Miss France. In the regions, I only see smiles on people’s faces. Even when they are masked, it shows. There is a lot of emotion. I take it to heart to come to the region. It’s a chance to physically meet all of these people. It is a shared happiness.

Do you know Toulouse?

It is a pleasure to go to all the regions, taste the specialties, the traditions, listen to the different accesses. Each time, I am in immersion. And no, I have never been to Toulouse. I will fix it on Saturday. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to stay too long. I’ll have to get an overview of Toulouse culture in a few hours.

A Miss is not allowed to eat cassoulet!

I assure you that a Miss can eat whatever she wishes. A Miss can have the right to eat a pizza, a burger, as long as she eats healthily to preserve her health. A Miss France has no diet. It is with pleasure that I will eat cassoulet in Toulouse.

Miss France is an openness to everything.

Absoutely. As soon as I set foot on the ground, for example in the South, I hear a beautiful singing accent, it makes me travel. Each time, it is a pleasure to discover all these specialties or traditions.
Your reign ends in December but you still don’t want to think about it.
We live a daydream so much that we want it to last a lifetime. I take advantage but I know that all that will end when I give the crown to a new Miss France who will in turn benefit from all this joy and this wonder that Miss France provides.

And you will transmit your crown, to Caen, to your home.

It is with great pleasure that Caen will welcome Miss France for the 2nd time (2010) after the election of Malika Ménard. Laury Thilleman was elected. It had been a very beautiful moment. I am very happy to do it in Normandy because my Miss France election took place behind closed doors and I was unable to have my family or my entourage around me. There, if the situation improves, we can find all the Normans. It would be a nice wink.

During the regional elections, do you have time to discuss with the candidates?

When you want to take time, you always manage to take a little time to do so. That will always be my watchword. As soon as I arrive at an election, the first thing I do is go see the candidates. Even before being prepared, I just have my Miss France scarf. It is always impressive for the candidates to meet the Miss France. Just before they take the stage, it’s a ritual that I do every time on Instagram for all the elections, I make sure we see all the candidates and I make one last story with the battle cry candidates to encourage them. I know this is the moment that worries them the most. I also try to reassure them about the timing of the speech.

A year ago, you were exactly in their place.

Each time, I have the impression of being in the place of the candidates and of seeing Clémence Botino, Miss France 2020, who came to meet the candidates. When I was in Normandy, I saw her arrive again, greet us. I remembered that moment at Miss France and it follows me until now. I would like to reproduce the same diagram. I’m a bit like the big sister of all these Misses.

Emma Arrebot-Natou (Miss France 2020) had her crown and scarf handed over by Clémence Botino (Miss France 2020).

Emma Arrebot-Natou (Miss France 2020) had her crown and scarf handed over by Clémence Botino (Miss France 2020).
DDM – Sébastien Batteux

14 candidates in Villemur-sur-Tarn

The Miss-Midi-Pyrénées election will take place this evening in the superb setting of the Château de La Garrigue in Villemur-sur-Tarn (all places have already been sold). 14 candidates, from 7 departmental elections (Miss Aveyron, Miss Tarn, Miss Tarn-et-Garonne, Miss Montauban, Miss Toulouse, Miss Hautes-Pyrénées, Miss Gers) will try to succeed Emma-Arrebot-Natou, Miss Midi-Pyrénées 2020, and thus qualify for the big Miss France election which will take place on December 11 in Caen (Calvados).
Note the presence in the jury of Miss Midi-Pyrénées 2021, Peggy Zlotkowski, Miss France 1989.