Angelina Jolie claims she got into a fight with Brad Pitt over Harvey Weinstein: “Of course it hurt.”

The conflict was due to the actor working on ‘Inglourious Basterds’, a film co-produced by The Weinstein Company. Years later, the interpreter repeated in ‘Kill them gently’, a film distributed by the producer’s company.

Angelina Jolie claims she got in a fight with her ex-husband Brad Pitt over Harvey Weinstein. The actress, whom we will see next November 5th in the new of Marvel Studios Eternals, has spoken about the aggression suffered by the producer in 1998 when he worked on the film Playing with the heart, produced by Weinstein.

In a recent interview with The Guardian, Jolie has stated the following: “If you manage to get out of the room, you think he tried, but failed, right? The truth is that the attempt was itself an assault”. “It was much more than a flirtation, I had to escape,” he adds.

The fight with Pitt that Jolie refers to was due to the actor’s decision to work in Weinstein films despite the fact that the interpreter was aware of the aggression suffered by the actress. “We fought over it. Of course it hurt.”says Jolie. Pitt participated in Damn bastards, a 2009 film directed by Quentin Tarantino and co-produced by The Weinstein Company. Later, in 2012, he starred Kill them softly, film distributed by the producer’s company.

They asked me to do The Aviator, but I said no because [Weinstein] He was involved. I never associated or worked with him again. It was hard for me when Brad did it, “says Jolie, who was in a relationship with Pitt for seven years. The couple announced their separation in 2016.

The actress has acknowledged that she also spoke about what happened with her ex-partner, actor Jonny Lee Miller. “I remember telling Jonny, my first husband, who was great, telling other guys: ‘Don’t let women be alone with him.’.

It was in 2017 that Jolie first spoke about her “bad experience” with Weinstein in his youth. “As a result, I chose not to work with him again and to alert others when they did. This behavior against women in any field, in any country, is unacceptable,” said the actress.

Gwyneth Paltrow also recounted at that time that she had a similar experience with Weinstein when she was 22 years old and was in a relationship with Pitt, which ran from 1994 to 1997. Paltrow claimed that Weinstein invited her to his hotel room, after he signed for the film Emma, So what he put his hands on top of her and suggested they go to bed to get massages. The actress told Pitt, who confronted the producer and told him not to touch her again.

Weinstein is serving a sentence of 23 years in prison after being convicted of sexual assault and rape in 2020.