Anupam Kher gave his wife Kiran’s health update, how is the condition now

Anupam Kher gave his wife Kiran’s health update, how is the condition now

A few days ago rumors of Bollywood actress Kiran Kher’s demise were revealed. After which her husband and veteran artist Anupam Kher shared a post on social media and told everyone that Kiran has cancer but the news of her death is false. Now he is perfectly fine. At the same time, recently, Anupam has given his health update. He told that actor Robert De Niro, with whom Anupam worked in the Silver Linings Playbook, he comes to see Kiran from time to time.

Kiran is now recovering slowly

In a recent interview, Anupam said that Kiran’s health is slowly improving. Its treatment is difficult, but she often says that lockdown and COVID have changed things in the country. Patients undergoing cancer cannot focus their attention elsewhere at such a time. If you cannot go out and meet anyone, then it becomes a bit more difficult.

Anupam told that there are times when Kiran seems absolutely positive. And sometimes chemotherapy leaves a deep impact on them. But still, she is handling herself. Doctors are doing their work. But at such a time, the patient has to make himself strong. Kiran is making every effort for this and we are also with him.

Robert De Niro asked Kiran’s condition

Anupam further said that, as soon as Robert came to know about Kiran, he messaged me. Also, he had sent me a video to congratulate me on my birthday, and he keeps checking Kiran’s health for some time. I texted him after seeing his advertisement with Roger Federer, and in response, he only wanted to know how my family was and how Kiran was feeling.

Please tell that for the first time after the diagnosis of cancer, Kiran appeared outside the house with his husband Anupam Kher a few days ago. She had arrived to get the Kovid vaccine installed. There was a lot of change in them.


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