Anupria Goenka: Rejection is a big part of an actor’s life

Anupria Goenka: Rejection is a big part of an actor’s life

Anupria Goenka, who was noticed on the big screen in movies like Tiger Zinda Hai (2017), Padmaavat (2018), and War (2019), saw a spike in her popularity in 2020, with MX Player’s much-acclaimed show Aashram, which had Bobby Deol playing one of the leading characters. The actress has shown a lot of promise in the interesting roles that she has portrayed so far.

Leaving behind a comfortable corporate job, she came to Bollywood in 2014 hoping to find a foothold in the industry that was completely unknown to her. “Unlike the structured life I lived earlier, I knew that as an actor, my career would be dependent on diverse factors – right from being at the right place, at the right time, having a chance at good auditions, suiting the role, and finding someone who inspires you and gives you a push. Basically, it’s an amalgamation of hard work, talent, luck, and circumstances. Thus, my major struggle was this shift from a structured lifestyle to a very uncertain life,” says Anupria.

While today she boasts of being a part of films featuring prominent Bollywood names, it wasn’t easy to bag those projects and realize her dreams. “I must have given 10 auditions a day, carried bags filled with different outfits to wear for each of them, traveled in buses and trains for four hours to reach multiple venues. Out of the many auditions I did every month, I would get selected for only five-six. For me, even if one or two of these projects materialized, it would be a big thing.

There was a time where I got shortlisted for more than 30 ads in the same month, but none of them worked out. In a short span of time, I realized that rejection is a big part of an actor’s life, but you cannot take it personally. It’s a waiting game at the end of which, you know if you have been accepted or rejected,” explains the actress.

Though she had a rocky start, Anupria goes on to share, there were several people who she met who made her journey pleasant. Talking about director Pradeep Sarkar, who encouraged her, she shares, “I did my first ad with him. He showed so much faith in me and pushed me to go ahead in this direction. I realized that there are many good people in the industry, contrary to what we hear in the outside world.”

Riding high on the experience, after doing multiple films and web shows, Anupria now hopes that very soon she bags a project where she plays a solo lead. “From the last year, I feel confident about pulling off lead roles that have bigger graphs. I feel I will be able to add value and do justice to these roles, where the character graph is layered and touches different emotions,” she says.

While she is excited about her prospects in Bollywood, she feels that it can all wait as today, the concern is more about surviving the pandemic crisis. Anuria says, “I lost my 90-year-old granny (my father’s mother) to COVID.

She was staying in Kanpur with the rest of our family members. My grandma was the symbol of strength in our family. She always promoted education and aspirations in women, and I give her full credit to the way I have shaped up.”

The actress feels that the present situation has taught everyone a big lesson. She says, “COVID is a leveler as it doesn’t differentiate whether you are privileged or come from the lesser fortunate section of the society. Every day, I thank god for keeping those close to me safe. In a crisis like this, it feels good to see how people are coming forward to help others in whatever way they can.”


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