Arjun Kapoor’s heartbeat again on Sridevi, with father Boney Kapoor said, ‘What he did is not right …’

Arjun Kapoor’s heartbeat again on Sridevi, with father Boney Kapoor said, ‘What he did is not right …’

Bollywood film star Arjun Kapoor is making headlines these days about Sardar’s grandson. Due to which film stars are also engaged in a lot of promotion. The film has recently been released on Netflix.

During the film’s promotion interview, Arjun Kapoor once again spoke about the relationship between his step-mother Sridevi (Sridevi) and father Boney Kapoor. Explain that Arjun Kapoor and his sister Anshula Kapoor are the sons of Mona Kapoor, the first wife of Boney Kapoor.

Boney Kapoor got married to veteran film star Sridevi. After marriage, Boney Kapoor and Sridevi had two daughters Jahnavi Kapoor and Khushi Kapoor. Unfortunately, both Arjun Kapoor’s mother Mona Kapoor and Sridevi have passed away. At the time of Sridevi’s death, Arjun Kapoor had forgotten all the grievances and took care of his helpless father Boney Kapoor and half-sisters Jahnavi, Khushi Kapoor.

Now during the recent interview, Arjun Kapoor was asked why did he support his father and sisters at the time of his funeral on Sridevi’s death? So he said that these are the rites of his mother, due to which he was able to take the right decision.

The actor said on the relationship of father Boney Kapoor and Sridevi, ‘Despite whatever happened to my mother, he advised me to always stand with my father. My father fell in love again. I respect it. Because love is very beautiful. Today if in 2021 we will say that love happens only once, then it will be very childish. ‘

However, Arjun Kapoor said that despite this, whatever his father did, he cannot even be called right. Arjun Kapoor said, ‘The brunt of this also hit me because of being a child. This cannot be justified. I understand it but cannot say that it is okay, it happens.


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