At 70, Phil Collins says he is very diminished and indicates that he will no longer be able to play the drums

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In an interview with the BBC, Phil Collins announces that he will never be able to play the drums again. The musician was to make a final tour with his legendary group, Genesis. He will be replaced on the drums by his son and will have to sing in an armchair.

We have this image of him, the drumsticks twirling in the air, and an unparalleled rhythm. On stage, Phil Collins was a monster. Today, this outstanding musician and singer talks about that time in the past. In an interview with the BBC, the septuagenarian artist says he is very diminished.

Phil Collins claims to have had two back surgeries in 2009 and 2015. He explains that he cannot play the drums anymore. “I’m a little physically disabled, which is very frustrating because I would love to play. I can barely hold a drum stick with this hand, so there are some physical things that bother me…”, admits the musician in a interview taken over by the Guardian.

One last tour with Genesis

A situation all the more sad as the musician was soon to embark on a last tour with his legendary group Genesis, in North America. He will be replaced on drums by his son Nic and will have to sing seated.

Phil Collins explains that he won’t be back on stage after this tour: “We’re all men our own age and I think, to a certain extent, I needed that to be done (with the band). don’t know if I’m going to want to go on tour again. ”