Auch: the Cri’Art Rock School will return to school on Monday, September 13

the essential
The Cri’Art Rock School continues its online pre-registrations until Wednesday, September 8. For a resumption of classes on September 13.

Benjamin Flumian, Rock School referent at Cri’Art for the Imaj association, musician, composer and teacher, is happy. “Glad to be able to resume a little normally”. Indeed, the singing lessons, bass, drums, piano, guitar and the quarterly collective workshops that the Rock School, a place for learning contemporary music (electrified and modern music) created in 2012, will offer as of Monday, September 13. will again take place in person. Respecting, of course, health measures, namely the pass, a window between the 5 teachers of the Rock School and the student for individual lessons and a limited number of participants for quarterly group workshops. Without forgetting the mask and the hydroalcoholic gel.

Benjamin Flumian recalls that the “particularity here is to facilitate access to the instrument and it is the practice in collective workshops once a quarter. They are brought together for a show in May, that the ‘we do in the concert hall in professional conditions […]. And we mix it all with adults “.

These courses welcome on average and in a normal situation around 75 students, from 8 years old. And so far, the Rock School has about 60 enrolled. “Last year, despite the health crisis, we saved the furniture, says Benjamin Flumian, with video lessons.” But today, no more back and forth between face-to-face and visios.

Regarding the Cri’Art concerts, Bernard Thouvenin, the director, is also delighted. “Glad to resume concerts a year and a half later, especially since it seems to be stabilizing in terms of the health crisis […]. And delighted to see people again. “The last concert took place in March 2020. Since then, there have been filmed renditions, residencies, residency outings with a seated audience …” And during the phase without concerts, adds the director, the room took on an additional dimension with the award of the SMAC label. It is recognition of the work done for 23 years. We are therefore doubly delighted: we are resuming the concerts and with additional resources “.

The conditions to register

Pre-registrations at the Rock School are open to everyone, online, until Wednesday, September 8. Possibility of a cultural pass for 18-year-olds (this is a financial contribution to register for a cultural association). Prices (for 25 annual individual lessons, 5 optional group workshops and a concert pass): € 44 per month for ten months + Imaj membership (€ 10). Information on or on