Aveyron: gospel and an Occitan ball to close the Sylvanès festival

The Sylvanès Abbey, in Aveyron, resonates according to the sacred music chords of the 44th edition of the Sylvanès International Festival.

For the last day of the festival, tomorrow, the evening will begin at 5 p.m. with the Spirit Gospel Academy and its six artists with warm and powerful voices. With five singers and singers, supported by a piano, the whole palette of gospel, from the most traditional to the most urban, will be used to transport the public into the atmosphere of a Harlem church. Recognized artists in the community, they will have the task of sharing their own enthusiasm for gospel to launch the festivities of an evening that will join the nearby meadow, from 6.30 p.m., for a local producers’ market.

The craba and the graile

The atmosphere will be quite different with a return to Aveyron and its most typical products such as farçous, grilled meats and other local cheeses. Musical gluttony will therefore give way to the more classic one of the stomach to all the same end more than a month and a half of concerts with a last group, La Talvera, which will host a traditional ball from 9 p.m. on the forecourt of the ‘abbey. These specialists in Occitan entertainment will be keen to play with the craba, a bagpipe from the Montagne Noire, or the graile, an oboe from the Monts de Lacaune, to show that there is no need to go far to be disoriented by the music.

After the sacred gospel chords, it will be time for dance for the latter of the festival of sacred music and world music of Sylvanès. A way to return to the local terroir while waiting for the next edition, next year, to travel again.

Tomorrow from 5 p.m. at Sylvanès Abbey. Program and ticket office on sylvanes.com or on 05 65 98 20 20. Concert price: 26 € / 23 € / 15 € – free under 13 years old. Health pass compulsory.