Back to school: a Podcast project for young people from Launaguet

For several years, the Launaguet Youth Service has been offering young Launaguétois digital activities in order to impart skills, support and educate them in this culture. This new school year, a Podcast project will be launched in group sessions. During the confinement period, sessions of “visio-philosophy” had taken place, in connection with the news of the confinement, with adolescents exclusively. These sessions were a huge success with the young people of the municipality. They kept in touch and sparked new ideas such as creating youth podcasts.

Advice and debates

As referents, the animators are often asked for advice on matters of the heart, appearance, conflicts with parents, education, sexuality, identity … What their peers think is also important, they regularly exchange their experiences on each of the subjects within the structure. The Youth service wishes to use these different experiences to feed the questioning of a greater number of young people present on the networks. These debates will be framed by moderators and broadcast in deferred mode and edited. Adolescents are in demand for a place to express themselves. This age group has this desire for freedom, autonomy and being responsible, so it is important to create a project that young people can manage in a quasi-autonomous way. This Podcast project will consist of a first session which will allow the transmission of the knowledge and knowledge necessary for the safe use of the equipment. The second session will allow you to learn to speak on the microphone, respecting the decibels, pointing out the mistakes not to be made, learning to listen to yourself, and not to cut the floor. The third session will highlight the choices for future debates, brainstorming, setting up an Internet radio calendar … Young people will be at the heart of the news at the start of the school season.