‘Better Call Saul’ goes ahead with season 6 without Bob Odenkirk

The protagonist of the ‘Breaking Bad’ spin-off suffered a heart attack during the filming of the series last July.

The production of the sixth and final season of Better Call Saul move on without Bob Odenkirk while the protagonist is recovering from the heart attack he suffered on the set of filming last July in Albuquerque. This has been confirmed by the executive producer of the ‘spin-off’ of Breaking Bad Thomas Schnauz in a recent interview, in which he assured that filming continues after being paralyzed for a time as a result of the disturbing event.

The unforgettable Saul Goodman from Breaking Bad and also adored Jimmy McGill in Better Call Saul he collapsed during the filming of a scene from the sixth season on July 27 and was rushed to the nearest hospital, where his state of health kept his family, colleagues and millions of fans in suspense for a few hours after the news broke. Shortly after, the next day, his representatives confirmed, to everyone’s relief, that their representatives that the actor had suffered a “heart-related incident” without giving further details about the degree of severity and that he was stable and recovering. .

Bob Odenkirk (‘Better Call Saul’) is now stable and on the mend after suffering “a heart-related incident”

Just a couple of days later, it was Bob Odenkirk himself who addressed his followers through his Twitter account to confirm that he had suffered a “small heart attack” and that he would need some time to recover.

While Odenkirk is recovering, the team of the series that has been starring since 2015 and now facing its final stretch is advancing as best it can in the production of the new episodes. Go ahead without its protagonist, yes, but with the security of being able to count on his return sooner rather than later. and already then complete the production with the filming of his scenes. Meanwhile, he is working on the shots of other characters in which Odenkirk does not appear.

Everything in production goes on, steady but slow. Right now we’re shooting scenes that don’t include Bob Odenkirk

Likewise, Schnauz also comments to Den of a Geek that the team can advance work preparing the filming of new episodes and in post-production tasks: “I just finished editing my director’s cut for episode seven and I’ve made some notes on the script for episode eleven. Now I’m waiting for the date to be confirmed to start preparing and directing that episode.”

Regarding the “delay” of the premiere of season 6 of Better Call Saul, the last installment of the series was scheduled for 2022 No approximate date confirmed, so at the moment there is considerable uncertainty in the team as to whether AMC will stick with its plans. For now With Bob Odenkirk on the mend and his health top priority, it’s too early to venture anything and the plans regarding the premiere have to be in the background.

Likewise, a final decision has not been made regarding the way in which the sixth installment will be issued, whether in two parts or as a single delivery. The intention of the ‘showrunner’ Peter Gould was always that it be broadcast as a single piece, although the delays of the Covid-19 added to the state of health and recovery of Bob Odenkirk could lead the team to make a different decision.

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