Big news in ‘Grey’s Anatomy’: new star couples and four returns (one of them a surprise)

ABC has already released a first preview of the premiere of season 18, which takes place on ABC on September 30.

The season 18 of Grey’s Anatomy it was in question for many months. Some of the actors in the series, starting with Meredith Gray (Ellen Pompeo) herself, had not renewed their contracts and the truth is that the renewal by the American network ABC was long overdue. In addition, the protagonist of the long-lived medical fiction had been convinced that the series could come to an end and that they would not bet on more seasons if there was not a good story to tell. Finally, when only three episodes separated us for the seventeenth installment, a new installment was commissioned which, once again, is bound to be the subject of speculation as to whether or not it will be the last.

Now ABC has released a first promotional trailer for season 18 of the series, which It will premiere on September 30 across the pond and here we can enjoy the hand of STAR on Disney +. You can see it on these lines.

Get ready for a hellish comeback

The main surprise of the promo is that it seems that Dr. Megan Hunt (Abigail Spencer) and Addison Montgomery (Kate Walsh) will not be the only characters to return in this new installment. The trailer leaves the door open for the return of Nathan Riggs, played by actor Martin Henderson who is now triumphing on Netflix with A Place to Dream.

In the promo, a man victim of an accident is taken to Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital, where he is greeted to the astonishment of Teddy and Owen. That, added to the confirmation of the presence of Megan Hunt, leads one to think irretrievably of Riggs, who on his departure in 2017 left for Malibu with his fiancée and his adopted son Farouk. In addition, already then the creator of the series Shonda Rhimes warned that the relationship of the series with Martin Henderson had not ended.

In the promo we also witness the return of Kate Burton as Ellis, Meredith’s mother, but we do not see Walsh in the shoes of Addison. For that we will have to wait a little longer.

Below we list the news of the new season of Grey’s Anatomy:

The two leading couples of season 18

Since Meredith and DeLuca ceased to be a possibility, the separation of Alex and Jo and the departure of several characters inevitably ended some relationships and dynamics, Grey’s Anatomy It has been pushed to bet heavily by other couples, two of them clearly being the ones that will have the most prominence within the love contribution of medical fiction.

On the one hand we have Maggie y Winston, who will be returning from their honeymoon when the series premieres its new season: “They will come back very much in love and happy to be together and to work together. We are definitely celebrating the couple,” says the executive producer of the series Meg Marinis in statements to TVLine.

Likewise, Maggie and Winston are still discovering each other: “Whether you’re newly married or when you’ve been living with someone for a long time, you keep discovering little things, little habits, and all that fun stuff.”

The other great couple will be the one formed by Teddy y Owen: “They start the season stronger than ever,” says Marinis. “Both have grown a lot and in different ways.” “They continue to face challenges as a couple, but we took them a long way last season and now we are happy with where they are.”

Los regresos: Addison Montgomery, Megan Hunt y… ¿Nathan Riggs?

We have already commented that the return of Martin Henderson as Riggs is not 100% certain although it is probable, but the reincorporations that have been officially announced are those of former members of the cast of the series Abigail Spencer and Kate Walsh as their characters Megan Hunt and Addison Montgomery.

The first to be confirmed was that of Walsh, who once starred in the ‘spin-off’ of Grey’s Anatomy With out PRIVIOUSE appointment. The character will return for a multi-episode arc, so his return is not indefinitely.

‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Kate Walsh to play Addison again in season 18

On the other hand, the presence of Megan Hunt in Gray Sloan was also confirmed this week, of whom at the moment we only know that she will appear in the first episode of the new season. The actress left the series in the fourteenth season.

The return that is also confirmed is that of Kate Burton, as Ellis, Meredith’s mother.

Season 18 of Grey’s Anatomy It will premiere on September 30 on ABC.