Bigg Boss 14 Fame Jasmin Bhasin breaks silence on ‘Suicide Thoughts’

Bigg Boss 14 Fame Jasmin Bhasin breaks silence on ‘Suicide Thoughts’

Jasmine Bhasin (Jasmin Bhasin) made a shocking disclosure in the TV industry’s famous reality show ‘Bigg Boss 14’. In order to protect herself during a task, the actress presented a truth related to her life, which everyone in the house was surprised after knowing. Jasmine Bhasin had said that ‘Suicide Thoughts’ had started coming to my mind after facing repeated rejections during the days of Struggle.

In a recent interview, Jasmine Bhasin broke her silence about these thoughts and explained how she overcame it During an interview to Bollywood Bubble when the actress was asked about ‘Suicide Thoughts’, Jasmine said,’ When I came to Mumbai and doing Struggle. Then I have faced this kind of situation long ago in my life. That fight was with me. So, somewhere I had lost my confidence. I could not believe myself. I thought I was wrong. My skin has flaws. I don’t look good and that’s why I used to get rejected every day because of my face. ‘

Continuing the interview, the actress told how she managed to overcome negative thoughts. Jasmine Bhasin said, ‘It is a matter of learning for me. You need to end that fight by yourself first. You need to accept yourself in the same way you need to accept your flaws because your flaws make you different from others.

Otherwise, we would all look like the same doll in a toy store. Until you feel confident about yourself and decide that this is what I want to do. Then you will realize that I can do it. At least I will give my 100%. This will not make me regret that I have not tried. Then nobody will stop you. ‘


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