Bigg Boss star Kishwer Merchant shared the pain of the casting couch, said ‘instead of giving the film with me …’

Bigg Boss star Kishwer Merchant shared the pain of the casting couch, said ‘instead of giving the film with me …’

The occurrence of the casting couch in Bollywood is not a big deal. The casting couch is a disgusting truth of Bollywood. Often girls are caught in the trap of casting couch in the pursuit of making their career. Many actresses have shared their experience of casting a couch. In this list, the name of actress Kishwer Merchant, who has been seen in Bigg Boss 9, has also been included.

Kishwar Merchant is a part of the small screen for the past several years. Kishwar Merchant started his career at the age of 23. During this time Kishwar Merchant had to face the casting couch.

This is revealed by Kishwar Merchant himself. In an interview with The Times of India, Kishwar Merchant said, ‘A small role in films does not make you famous but TV shows make you popular overnight. Knowing this, I wanted to work in films.

Further Kishwar Merchant revealed, ‘I had a few meetings with the makers to get the film. I was neither the big face of Bollywood nor could I wear a bikini. Because of which I faced the casting couch.

My mother sent me to a filmmaker for a meeting. In this meeting, I was told that I would have to sleep with the hero of the film to get the role. I was surprised to hear this. I left quietly from there. In today’s time, he is a big-name Bollywood producer and actor. ‘

Kishwar Merchant went on to say, ‘I don’t want to talk too much about the casting couch. The industry is infamous but this thing happens in every industry. It is worth mentioning that Kishwar Merchant is pregnant these days. During pregnancy, Kishwar Merchant is spending all her time at home. Kishwar is a big name for merchant TV.

Kishwar Merchant has been the face of many big TV shows. Shows like Jab Tum, Pyar Ki Ye Ek Ek Kahani, Kavyanjali, and Kaise Hai Yeh Yaariyan are included in this list. Apart from this, Kishwar Merchant has been seen in films called Fry 2, Hum Tum, and Shabana.


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