Bob Odenkirk returns to ‘Better Call Saul’ after the heart attack: “Very happy to be here”

Alicia P. Ferreiros

Alicia P. Ferreiros

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The filming of season 6 of the ‘spin-off’ of ‘Breaking Bad’ had momentarily resumed without the interpreter while he was recovering from the event. Its premiere is scheduled for 2022.

Bob Odenkirk has returned to filming from season 6 of Better Call Saul six weeks after collapsing on the set of the Albuquerque victim of a “minor heart attack.” The person in charge of sharing the news has been the interpreter himself, who this Wednesday He has shared a photo on his personal account on Twitter in which he is in the makeup chair getting ready to start filming.

The actor has been very happy, both for being able to return to work and for the fact of living life itself, especially after the good scare that took place on July 27. Following the incident, members of the Better Call Saul They quickly called an ambulance that took him immediately to the hospital and, for a few hours, his family, friends and colleagues did not know anything about the seriousness of his health. It was the next day when Odenkirk representatives confirmed that it had been a heart problem and that the actor was stable.

The protagonist of ‘Better Call Saul’ Bob Odenkirk, hospitalized urgently after fainting during filming

Since then, Bob Odenkirk, who also did not take long to use his social networks to confirm that he had suffered a small heart attack but that he was going to get well and also to thank the doctors for their work, has been on the mend.

Very happy to be here and living in this life surrounded by such good people

Although the first thing has always been the health and the complete recovery of the interpreter, the return of Bob Odenkirk to the filming set of the series is also very good news for the future plans of Better Call Saul, whose premiere of season 6 was scheduled for the first months of 2022. It is not yet known how the stoppage of filming will affect as a result of the incident, but recently one of the team members confirmed that they had returned to work a little earlier even without Bob Odenkirk to move forward with the scenes in which the actor was not part.

‘Better Call Saul’ goes ahead with season 6 without Bob Odenkirk

Fortunately, shortly after came the news we were all waiting for: that Bob Odenkirk is fine, recovered and ready to give fans the best possible season of the AMC series.

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