Brass festival: the beautiful evenings of the island of Sourniès in Limoux

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Fortunately, it will take some getting used to, the revamped island of Sourniès represents an opportune place for future scenic events.

After an official inauguration last Thursday, the concert of the Lyre was, on the island of Sourniès, an enticing introduction.

Sold out

After long months of musical scarcity, concerts and shows have given back during the summer a festive note more appropriate to the image of the blanquetière city.

It was at the Brass festival, embellished with three days of concerts, to bring a refreshing, as a high point to the summer events. And the public was not mistaken. He went en masse to an island of Sourniès which had been dormant for a while because of construction work. On the evening’s program, from 9 p.m., the Lyre limouxine as an appetizer. An appetizing musical dish which, for eighty minutes, has given new life and energy to a place and to a public fully committed to the cause of musicians. At 10:30 p.m., the Limoux brass ensemble rounded off a beautiful first evening in the best possible way.

Blues, jazz and rock’n’roll

Under the best climatic auspices, the festival continued this Friday evening with two formations as unique as they are atypical. When the artists of the group The Yellbows take the stage, the four hundred spectators are projected across the Atlantic in Louisiana in New Orleans. A sweet summer evening, blues, jazz and rock’n’roll… All that was needed for a pleasant continental change of scenery. Especially since the four protagonists displayed unfeigned pleasure in a musicality appreciated by the spectators. A cousin musicality of the Swing Bones who in turn took charge of the animation of the second part of the evening. Taking into account the aesthetics as well as the various personalities of this fabulous swing machine, the group offered a melodic sound tinged with hypnotic ballads in which the four trombonists developed a lyricism that was sometimes flamboyant, sometimes whispered. Swing Bones has in its ranks, Toulouse trumpeter Nicolas Gardel, a regular at the Brass Festival.

A riot of musical energy at the service of the public of Sourniès.

A riot of musical energy at the service of the public of Sourniès.

This Saturday, the festival was to close its doors with Oygen Quintet and Saxback Ensemble: energetic groups that passionately tame notes and melodies.