Carcassonne. “Cultural life is resuming … with some precautions”

the essential
At the School of Fine Arts as at the Conservatory, the year 2020-2021 was marked by the multiplication of distance learning courses. The face-to-face is again in order for this new school year at the Fabrique des Arts, where the students are clearly loyal to the post.

Sn art and culture, life is only made up of constraints … and living is not just constraints! ” Vice-president of Carcassonne Agglo delegate for culture, Magali Arnaud defends tooth and nail the crucial role of creative disciplines in the well-being of individuals. “Giving free rein to artistic expression is a source of first personal development, then collective”, she insists. This is to say if the resumption of the Fabrique des Arts in a slightly more “standardized” configuration was expected by many students of the School of Fine Arts and the Conservatory, worn out by an unfortunately intensive practice of video lessons. .

“This return to school is indeed more convivial, insofar as everyone comes back face to face”, rejoices the manager. The health protocol remains of course current … but the pass is not required to attend the lessons. “It will only be requested on the occasion of shows and of course at the Grain d’Art media library, as in all media libraries.” In short, “cultural life is resuming … with some precautions”.

Fifty registrations in one day

The confinement phases will have had at least the merit of allowing management and teams to “think about new proposals”. On the Conservatory side, new activities are making their debut. As for the School of Fine Arts, its preparatory class is now able to accommodate ten additional students. “We also think of people who cannot always be free on weekdays, adds Magali Arnaud. For them in particular, internships and master classes will be organized at the end of the week, sometimes the whole weekend, sometimes over a day “.

Also concerned with “open to the outside”, the Fabrique des Arts intends to increase the number of conventions and partnerships this year. This will be the case in particular with the Jean Jaurès school in Carcassonne, where “teachers will come to the day-care center” ; but also with the Abattoirs museum in Toulouse, where the exhibition Desire for the forest should take place.

“But the real good news is that we are finally going to review the brewing and hear music in our premises”, underlines the elected. The start of the school of Fine Arts took place this week, that of the Conservatory will take place on September 6. “This Monday, the opening day of the second registration session, we recorded fifty requests during the day. We did not really know what to expect after such a cut, but users are clearly returning to the factory. with happiness. “ And it is still possible to be part of the party: “Registrations are still open for amateur practices!”