Carla de Coignac, intimate and dancing

the essential
Originally from Cahors, Carla de Coignac delivers her “intimate diary” in a first EP that could be placed between Pomme and Angèle. An endearing temperament to be found soon on tour.

Carla de Coignac stood out last year by participating closely in Louane’s 3rd album. But it is rather on the side of Angèle that leans her first EP bringing together 5 songs. Like the Belgian singer, the young lady from Cahors likes shocking titles (“J’me tire”, “J’fais la gueule” …), words that are aimed right and dapper melodies.

Carla de Coignac believes that things happen “naturally”: meetings, inspiration and everything that goes with it. With Louane, she had a “direct feeling”. And to clarify: “We got along very well, perhaps because some of our life experiences are quite similar” (we will not know more). The result: 5 songs together under the seal of “benevolence and understanding” And so Carla was able to “grow up”, “take a step back from her work” and make her goals “clearer”.

The first time the young woman was exposed to the media was in 2017, at “La Nouvelle Star”. She was only 18 years old. Daughter of a journalist and a graphic designer, the young woman “listened to everything from Sting to opera, from Marvin Gaye to Yaël Naïm” with a predilection for Camille – her universe, her strong personality. At the time, Carla imagined “taking care of animals”, certainly not getting into song. “At home, my two sisters, my brother and I had always been driven to develop our artistic side. The open-mindedness was total. My parents were not afraid to see me choose the path of music. It was rather me who said Ooh La La !”

Telecrochet, which many singers quickly seek to forget when they obtain a certain recognition, Carla only means good. “The experience was enriching. Like a school of life. It was there that I decided to make music my priority. Before, I let myself be carried by the wind.”

“We all want to move”

In his EP, the artist immediately invites us to dance in the eponymous title. “We all want to move, need to breathe, to take a deep breath of fresh air. So I like melodies that lead, even when the lyrics tell serious things about the present moment or self-confidence. ” On this side, we imagine Carla right in her boots to stay the course. She qualifies: “I think I am neither weak nor strong. For me, being an artist means having confidence in life, not necessarily in oneself.”

Her first song, Carla de Coignac presents it last in her EP. It is called “Les amants” and marks a break with the previous songs. The tone is to the confidence, in guitar-voice version, in the great French tradition, from Françoise Hardy to Rose. “I wrote it when I was 16 and it is the first that I decided to keep. It has followed me, helped, transported me since. Like a first speech, a CV, a letter of ‘intention.” To be confirmed soon with an album and concerts in the first part of well-known artists. Where when how ? Carla responds, smiling, “It will come naturally.”

EP by Carla de Coignac (Polydor / Universal). Tour to come in 2022.