Castres: in Patagonia with Florent Pagny and wild horses at the Lido

This Saturday, September 4, it’s back to the cinema Le Lido with the exceptional presence of Jean François Pignon, director and horse trainer, on the occasion of his participation in Caval Occitan in Cambounet-sur-le-Sor where he presents his last show today and tomorrow (see our Thursday edition). He therefore takes the opportunity to come to the Lido this evening at 9 p.m. to present his documentary film with Florent Pagny in which he tames horses which have hardly ever had contact with humans. Jean François Pignon is a free-range horse trainer.

For almost 30 years, he has presented equestrian shows around the world, access to aerobatics and waterfall. He participates in particular in the filming of equestrian scenes in a few episodes of Guillaume Tell. After presenting at Cheval Passion in Avignon a unique number of its kind, where everything is presented in total freedom, the trainer goes on a number of very important shows. Jean-François will then tour mainly abroad and especially in Germany where spectators are very fond of freedom. He has the chance to do the biggest shows including Equitana (the biggest European equestrian show), in twenty different countries.

It was in 2007 that he met the cinema, with his participation in the filming of the film “Danse avec lui”, as the film’s horse trainer and actor, with Mathilde Seigner and Samy Frei. “You play badly enough but you move well” would have confessed the director Valérie Guignabodet, according to the memories of Jean-François, amused.

And in 2011, that he directed the shooting of his own autobiographical feature film, “Gazelle”, in which he wears all hats: screenwriter, producer, director and actor. No offense.

A crazy dream

Author of a book co-written with his wife “A path to freedom”, Jean François Pignon tells his story and his method. A training method that he describes as exponential: “the beginnings are very slow, but it accelerates. I am looking for harmony, for the connection between man and horse. It takes time. “.

The documentary film project screened at the Lido “40 days, 4 criollos and silence” begins with a crazy dream: to tame horses that have hardly had contact with humans, in their natural environment. And the meeting of two men: Jean François Pignon, horse trainer recognized around the world, and creator of a method of communication with horses that he passes on with passion. And Florent Pagny, one of the greatest French singers, in love with freedom in all its forms.

The Argentinian pampas surveyed in all directions, Jean François puts his technique and patience to the test. This trip to Patagonia is above all an interior trip, rich in emotion and teaching.

Jean-François Pignon will be at the CGR de Castres this Saturday, September 4 at 9 p.m. to present his film and discuss with the public at the end of the screening. Reservations recommended on the website: