Castres. La Castraise Miss International France Maya Albert signs partnerships with local businesses to prepare for the global election

It is now in the skin of Miss International France that Maya Albert has been living for two months. Now, it’s the world competition that stands on its way, in Japan. A new stage which requires precise preparation, and for which the Castraise has decided to surround itself: “You have to prepare mentally and also physically. The regional delegate who follows my preparation advised me to resume a sporting rhythm, and my choice turned to Objectif Forme à Soual. “

The gym is now a partner of the Miss, which will be able to take part for a year in all the group sessions provided within the establishment. The logical continuation of an agreement started long before: “Fabrice and Cindy (the couple of managers of the hall), had in fact already supported me during the regional stage in a role of patron. seemed normal to continue along the same path with them. “

As for the training program, the coaches of the gym already have their little idea in mind, like Cindy: “In view of Maya’s objectives, we are going to focus on muscle strengthening, we will also go through a little cardio, and we’ll readjust all of that as it progresses. ” Objectif Forme is not the first local actor with which Maya Albert is linked. The 24-year-old Miss International France is also a partner of the Via Zola ready-to-wear boutique in Castres, of the Faune leather goods workshop based in Sémalens, but also of Madame Pep’s, a jewelry maker in Castres. A proof, if it was necessary, that the young woman does not forget where she comes from, and puts forward her Tarn partners.