Castres. Miss Tarn 2021: Hannah Friconnet, the young castraise on a cloud

She is a young miss who has struggled to come down from her cloud since Saturday evening … Hannah Friconnet, Miss Tarn 2021, has become Miss Midi-Pyrénées, and in a few months will have the chance to represent her region in the Miss France competition . Such a victory, a few days before his 22nd birthday, what could be better. “Until the end I had the effect of surprise. I thought Laura was going to be elected (Editor’s note: she was elected 1st Dauphine). She shone on stage, she was perfect from start to finish, she was passed all his passages. So it was a surprise until the last second. And then to hear Amandine Petit (Miss France 2020) say my name, it was really gratifying. I was proud. I thank all the people who came and voted for me. It’s a wonderful gift a few days before my birthday “. As soon as the electric atmosphere of the Château de la Garrigue, in Haute-Garonne, where the election was held on Saturday evening, has fallen, the young Castraise is already in demand: “We had a shooting on Sunday just after this election night. . I have already been very well received in the family of regional misses. It was a very intense day, photos, press, I am delighted “, she smiles again.

Miss France goal

A great victory which rewards a fairly new career in the world of miss competitions. In July 2021, Hannah participates in her first competition, and is already crowned Queen of Tarn. “I went through the two competitions. It is true that I had been hesitating to present myself for several years. It was not easy to decide, I was afraid of people’s eyes. But I have 22 years old now, I have been going to see the miss elections for several years, I met Vaimalama Chaves, Miss France 2019 who was able to motivate me, find the words to encourage me, and I got started. I gained confidence in me, it’s a great experience and great encounters “, she slips again, pumped up before the next stage.

In December, it is the big Miss France contest, where Hannah “will defend the colors of her region, of which she is so proud”. In November, she will fly to Reunion with all the Miss France 2022 promotion for the preparation, before joining the zenith of Caen on December 11 for the big evening. With a new step in sight to climb, for a new crown …