Choir of Roques is recruiting

At the initiative of the municipality of Roques, the Chœur de Roques association, chaired by Sonia Blanchard, was invited to reflect on an inter-association project, which gave rise to a major musical comedy project which required the creation of a association called Roques Music-all.

This project, requiring the recruitment of young artists, girls and boys, aged 9 to 17, a first call was launched. It will suffice to know or want to dance, sing, act. Fifteen candidates must be recruited up to 25 or 30 at most.

As the rehearsals begin at the beginning of September, you are strongly advised to get in touch quickly for all information and registration (Tel. 06 98 98 06 58); deadline: Sunday September 12.

The Chœur de Roques association will be present at the Forum des Associations which takes place on Saturday, September 4, at the Moulin and on the Ramier. This cultural highlight should see the light of day on July 2, 2022.

“31 choristers are certain to come back among us, specifies Nathalie Portes, secretary of Choir de Roques. We wish to complete the troop with singers. We have big projects in perspective with classical and gospel”.

The rehearsals started last night at the Moulin de Roques.

Information and information from Nathalie Portes (Tel. 06 21 18 15 72) or from Sonia (Tel. 06 98 98 06 58).