Chris Gayle’s New Song ‘Jamaica To India’ Released

Chris Gayle’s New Song ‘Jamaica To India’ Released

Jamaica To India: Chris Gayle storms with as many bats as in the field. He is equally known for his colorful style outside the grounds. On social media, Gail sometimes attracts the attention of fans through dance videos and sometimes funny videos. Now Chris Gayle’s new song ‘Jamaica To India’ has been released. He has composed this song with rapper Anyway Bantai. Fans are very fond of this song by Chris Gayle.

Chris Gayle and Emiway Bantai’s Jugalbandi are jamming heavily in the ‘Jamaica To India’ song. In the song, English rap Gayle has done Hindi rap image. Both of them have also performed in it. The lyrics for this song have been written by Chris Gayle’s team in addition to Amway, while the music has been given by Tony James. This song by Chris Gayle has been shot at a rich location. With the introduction of IPL, this song is starting to become popular.

Chris Gayle’s song ‘Jamaica To India’ has been released on the YouTube channel of Amway. So far this video has been viewed more than 5 lakh times. Fans have started giving a lot of reactions to this too. Let us know that even before this Chris Gayle’s Two Hot songs have been released. Gayle is currently in India and is desperate to make a mark in the IPL with the Punjab Kings.


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