Condom: a beautiful machine ready to relaunch for spring

The appetizer was reserved for volunteers and festival partners. But on Sunday, a larger public was able to join the Espace rive gauche to reconnect with the spirit of the Condom music festival.

Certainly, some visitors attracted by the first notes were frustrated at not being able to join this tavern that Pierre Verduzan’s team had made a point of setting up so as not to end a second year without reuniting. But it is precisely these special conditions with a small committee, prior reservation and a seated audience that authorized the bandas to return to the city. A poster remained discreet to guarantee the perfect holding of the event while the pandemic has not said its last word.

For the majority, this dress rehearsal is in any case a good omen for next spring. Remobilized and carried by its charismatic president, Pierre Verduzan, the festival team is well ready to restart the machine. The bandas are already knocking on the door. The first to dive back into the deep end this Sunday testified to the wide musical palette of the genre. Les Pourquoi pas spoke of the very high musical quality that street orchestras can demonstrate. The enthusiastic students of the Soupaeros lived up to their reputation as ambiancers capable of making all generations dance. As for the neighbors of the Pagayos, they placed the cursor halfway between these two parameters which make that the bandas gather thousands of feasts every May in Condom.

Reunion, end of weaning, this gourmet and musical day was carried by quality protagonists, musicians therefore, but also caterer. Keys on which the Condomois festival relies to always expand its popularity, mix the ages and remind us that around brass and percussion, a whole culture lives in all the South-West. A treasure that the State services and the Heritage Foundation are working to integrate into the intangible heritage of France by Unesco, alongside the Landes race.

After months of silence, banda music woke up this weekend in its capital before going to conquer other famous places and return next spring to bring this joie de vivre that everyone so badly needs.