Covid-19: Prince Harry speaks out and condemns misinformation on vaccines

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In a speech, Prince Harry urged greater equality of access to Covid-19 vaccines and condemned misinformation.

Prince Harry made a surprise appearance at a party hosted by GQ Magazine, Wednesday September 1 in London. Dressed in a black velvet tuxedo, the Duke of Sussex appeared live from his home in California, to present an award to the team that developed the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine. He took the opportunity to encourage greater equality of access to Covid-19 vaccines and condemned disinformation.

“Until every community can have access to the vaccine as well as to trustworthy information about the vaccine, we are all under threat from the virus,” he said. “There is a huge disparity between who has access to the vaccine and those who do not. Less than 2% of the population in developing countries have received a single dose. At the same time, everywhere in around the world, families are overwhelmed by a strong disinformation, shared by the media and social networks. Those who peddle these lies and this fear generate mistrust of the vaccine, which divides communities and undermines trust “.