‘CSI: Vegas’: Gil Grissom Returns To Save Forensic Group Legacy In Sequel Trailer

The mythical characters of the criminal series return in a new stage. It premieres on CBS on October 6.

Sara, Gil Grissom and the unforgettable notes of The Who’s ‘Who Are You’ have returned. CBS has released the official trailer for CSI: Vegas, the sequel to the mythical fiction, CSI: Las Vegas, who taught us the ins and outs of the most complex crimes long before the wave of ‘true crime’. In addition to the protagonists, the trailer lets us see the odd familiar face.

CSI: Vegas a new stage begins. Many years have passed since Gil Grissom (William Petersen) and Sara Sidle (Jorja Fox) worked together to solve the most convoluted events. Now the department needs the help of a brilliant new team of investigators, led by Maxine Roby (Paula Newsome), as its future has been called into question. All of them will combine their skills and knowledge to gather evidence and uncover the truth.

“Every case, every defendant who was arrested with evidence from our laboratory has been called into question”says Sara Sidle in the trailer. It does not clarify why this situation is due, so viewers will know when the fiction begins to air. Perhaps an error has been discovered that has led to a laboratory investigation. This leads to resorting to veteran Grissom, whom Maxine Roby tries to convince to return to action.

In case you don’t remember, Grissom decided to quit his job after discovering that a serial killer he had imprisoned was acting with an accomplice, whom he had killed again. He stayed on the case until it was settled, and then he announced his retirement and left for Costa Rica with his fiancée, Sara.

As the synopsis anticipates, that error that has questioned the entire department is a serious threat, which could end them and, what is worse, could trigger the release of hundreds of convicted murderers who could return to the streets of Las Vegas. In the new episodes, Grissom and Sara will use the latest forensic techniques to prevent this from happening. After all, the original series ended in 2015, and since then the technology has advanced.

In addition to Petersen and Fox, Paul Guilfoyle, also known as Captain Jim Brass, returns to his post. CSI: Vegas premieres on CBS on October 6.