Damien Hirst’s latest work aroused the ire of Drake fans

(ETX Daily Up) – Drake recently unveiled the cover of his sixth album, signed Damien Hirst. But the creation of the British artist was not to the tastes of all fans of the Canadian rapper, who did not hesitate to share their dissatisfaction on social networks.

Some find it an “abomination” while others criticize its “simplistic” side. One thing is certain: the cover of the “Certified Lover Boy” album is a lot of talk. Drake revealed it on his Instagram account on August 30, a few days before the release of his sixth album.

We see several variations of the emoji representing a pregnant woman on a white background. This multicolored mosaic is reminiscent of Damien Hirst’s famous “Spot Paintings”, these gigantic panels made up of colored dots. Art lovers can also see it as an allusion to the multiple sculptures around pregnancy that the Briton has made over the years, such as “Wretched War” or “Virgin Mother”.

The art of promotion

If motherhood is a recurring theme in Damien Hirst’s work, it is much less so in Drake’s discography. Some fans have questioned on Twitter if the cover of “Certified Lover Boy” was not a roundabout approach to the rapper’s love life, while others saw it as an allegory of the process of creating the album. “Drake is releasing ‘Certified Lover Boy’, an album about love (making a baby) nine months after its planned release date (nine months is a full term pregnancy), on Labor Day weekend (the labor is childbirth), which explains the presence of emojis of pregnant women on the cover “, a affirmed a surfer.

If rap fans fail to come to a consensus on the meaning of the image, they quickly agree when it comes to parodying it. American artist Lil Nas X took to the exercise and shared his own version of the “Certified Lover Boy” cover on Instagram. The “pregnant woman” emojis have been replaced by emoticons representing, this time, a multitude of men in full pregnancy. Buzz assured for the interpreter of “Old Town Road”, who took the opportunity to announce the imminent release of his own album, “Montero”.

Although the cover of “Certified Lover Boy” did not convince many people, it allowed Drake to restart the promotion of his sixth album. The artist had first announced that the sequel to “Scorpion” would arrive in January, but the record was never released on listening platforms. A tactic borrowed from his colleague Kanye West, whose opuses are tirelessly postponed. Music lovers had to settle for the three titles of the EP “Scary Hours 2” instead. Little consolation …