Denis Villeneuve, director of ‘Dune’, in favor of the simultaneous premiere in ‘streaming’ and cinemas: “It’s time to hit the road”

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The filmmaker has declared that it is a difficult time for many and that the important thing is that people can see it.

This Friday, September 17, it opens Dune, Denis Villeneuve’s epic adventure that is already one of the films of the year. It was scheduled to hit theaters on November 20, 2020, but the pandemic arrived and delayed releases for an entire year. Almost a year later, it is one of the first major productions to dare to reach the big screen and streaming platforms simultaneously. Unlike some of his colleagues in the profession, Villeneuve supports this type of premiere.

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The filmmaker maintains that, however it reaches the market, there will always be someone harmed and, given that we have not yet passed the pandemic, the most important thing is that the feature film reaches the public, be it online or traditional. “The good news is that it will be released on Earth in theaters and in the United States it will be simultaneous. The enemy right now is the pandemic.”, declares the director to Deadline, “It is being very difficult for the owners of the cinemas and for everyone. I felt with Legendary that it was time for it to be released. We had to postpone the movie for a year for safety. Now that vaccines have advanced, it’s safe enough to release the movie. “

Last year, when we decided to postpone it, I understood why. It was about security. It was sad because I thought I was abandoning people. It is always a joy when a movie comes out. Time to hit the road

Villeneuve is one of many who faces this dilemma. Releasing in theaters to support exhibitors? Or give the opportunity to see the movie at home for those who consider going to a movie theater a risk? So far, those tapes that have been released in theaters have obtained lower results than was usual before the pandemic, hence the studies prefer to support the launch with online services.

That of the Canadian director is a totally opposite position to that of Christopher Nolan, which under no circumstances wants the future of cinema to be through streaming platforms. As a result, Nolan, who premiered all his films with Warner Bros., has decided to break his relationship with the studio and find a new home for his next project.

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In Spain, Dune It can be seen only in theaters on September 17.

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