Dipika Chikhlia Birthday

Dipika Chikhlia Birthday:
Dipika Chikhlia would never have dreamed that people would know her from the role of ‘Sita Maiya’ (Dipika Chikhlia as Sita) and would touch her feet. On April 29, Deepika Chikhlia is celebrating her 56th birthday. We are going to narrate the anecdote on his birthday when Ramanand Sagar auditioned him for the role of Sita and called for elaborate dialogues.
Deepika Chikhaliya started her career with films. In 1983, he ventured into the world of acting through the film ‘Sun Meri Laila’. The film starred Deepika Chikhaliya’s hero Raj Kiran. Along with films, Deepika Chikhaliya entered TV.

Till 1987, Deepika Chikhaliya worked in many films and TV serials, but no recognition was found. Deepika did a few more shows in 1985 apart from Ramanand Sagar’s TV show ‘Vikram Aur Betal’, but ‘Ramayana’ changed her life.

In 1987, Ramanand Sagar invited Deepika Chikhaliya to audition for the role of Sita Maiya in ‘Ramayana’. Deepika Chikhaliya was surprised to hear the name of the audition. It was mentioned by Deepika Chikhaliya in Kapil Sharma’s comedy show ‘The Kapil Sharma Show.
Deepika Chikhaliya had said, ‘Vikram Aur Betal’ was doing a show of Papaji (Ramanand Sagar) at that time.

The shooting of the show was done at Papaji’s bungalow. One day I saw some children playing there. I thought that the sister-in-law might have called to teach the children. Later it was revealed that Papaji was auditioning for ‘Love Kush’ for ‘Ramayana’.

Deepika Chikhaliya further said that then Papaji (Ramanand Sagar) called her and said, ‘Kudi tu bhi aa JA  do audition for the role of Sita’. Deepika Chikhaliya was shocked to hear the audition and told Ramanand Sagar that she was already working with him in two three serials.
After this, when Deepika Chikhalia arrived for the audition, there were already 25-30 girls there. Ramanand Sagar gave all of them a 4-4-page-long dialog. Deepika spoke to him quickly and went away. Later Ramanand Sagar called Deepika Chikhaliya and said that this is her Sita.


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