Discover the Netflix series that has just dethroned ‘A place to dream’ in the US as the most watched of the year

It is a Netflix fiction, which in its second season has not dropped out of the TOP 10. According to Nielsen, it has accumulated more than 1400 minutes of viewings.

Netflix’s hit romantic series ‘A place to dream’, just left the throne of the most watched series of the year in the US. Netflix fiction, which had ousted the Bridgertons, has been displaced, according to Nielsen by Outer Banks.

Outer Banks is a youth adventure mystery series created by Josh Pate, Jonas Pate and Shannon Burke. It narrates the adventures of uA group of teenage friends who reside in North Carolina and who are united in a mission: to find the father of one of them. He disappeared a long time ago and nobody knows anything about him, they do not know how or why he disappeared. And during the search they discover a treasure map that hides a very dark secret that must have been well buried in the past.

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The figures have been released by Nielsen and correspond to the first week of August when the original series Netflix accumulated 1,423 million viewed minutes. This teen drama premiered its second season on July 30 with a good reception by its fans, so it is expected that the platform will choose to renew it for one more installment.

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Other series in this US ranking are All Americans, Cocomelon and Grey’s Anatomy, which faces its 17th season. To them is also added Manifest, which has been canceled by NBC, but Netflix decided to save it for a fourth and final season. The rest of the ranking of the 10 most chosen series is completed with Criminal Minds, The Walking Dead, Flash and NCIS.

The story of which until now had been the most watched, A place to dream, It is based on the novels of the same name by Robyn Carr, Virgin River (which is what the series is called in English), and tells the story of a nurse who just got divorced and applies for a job to work as a midwife in a remote California townas he thinks it is the perfect place to start his new life. The woman leaves her city of origin to go live in this rural environment, where she must learn to heal her painful memories. Also, Melinda meets an awesome man in this small town.

This dramatic story faces its fourth season on Netflix, where it is one of the most successful fictions.