‘Eden’ and two other great and upbeat post-pandemic series to watch with your kids

We propose three excellent fictions that convey hope despite being in the middle of the apocalypse. Conversations and gatherings in the room are guaranteed.

If after two years of pandemic you too start to be up to your cap to live at the end of the world, we propose three series to reconcile you with humanity, which are perfect to watch as a family. Faced with the death and destruction of a universe ravaged by pandemics and various apocalypse, so fashionable in these uncertain days, we propose three fictions to watch now in streaming on Netflix and Disney+ and that can help you to reconcile with the world. Facing the dark side you will find humans who can save humanity, children who face villains (and are about to win them as children), and they will teach us how believing in others can be the key to overcoming the apocalypse.


The anime miniseries of four half-hour episodes Eden takes us to a post-apocalyptic world ruled by robots where suddenly a girl appears when no one expects it. The robots that find her decide to skip the rules that order the destruction of humans and decide to raise Sara in hiding. In the style of the best Miyazaki movies like Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, this fable, in which humans are the persecutor for being the only obstacle to a perfect world, also reminds of the fabulous Wall.e, with his environmental reading of what would happen in a world without humans after they destroyed it.

The trailer for ‘Eden’, Netflix’s first original Japanese anime, will be the prettiest thing you see today

Netflix’s first Japanese anime has arrived last week on the platform four months later than planned and is directed by Yasuhiro Irie (Fullmetal Alchemist) y Toshihiro Kawamoto (Cowboy Bebop). And the result is beautiful, highly recommended, full of hope and optimism (it was about time).

Sweet Thooth: The Deer Boy

Although the story of Sweet Tooth: the deer boy awakens certain misgivings about the presence of hybrid children, half human and half animal, is another of those series that They leave a very good taste in the mouth and you want to see it as a family. It narrates the adventures of Gus, a deer boy, in the middle of a world devastated after a pandemic that is destroying humanity in several waves (What does that sound like to me?). And we accompany the protagonist in his awakening to the world, in his process of growing up and getting older.

The Netfix series ‘Sweet Tooth: the deer boy’ will have season 2

Gus (Christian Convery), the protagonist, is a 10-year-old deer boy raised in the forest by his father, isolated from the world, who undertakes a journey towards the dangers of the city, where an army of humans hunt down and kill the hybrids, to search for their mother when their father passes away. Along the way, he meets Big Guy, Tommy Jepperd (Nonso Anozie), who accompanies and protects him on this journey to manhood.

Based on Jeff Lemire’s DC comic, created by Jim Mickle and Beth Schwartz, the Netflix series is in its second season. And we love it because it brings to the table many fascinating topics such as the possibility of a community of lost children against adults, in the style of Peter Pan, or shows the reserve of hybrids as a possible salvation for humanity as a revolution of the disinherited, or it also proposes trust in others as the only possible salvation. A beautiful series that will give many hours of conversation in your living room.

‘The Mysterious Benedict Society’

A global emergency ravages the world, and a group of clever children are chosen to save it. This is the premise of the Disney + series The Mysterious Benedict Society, based on Trenton Lee Stewart’s books of the same title, and starring Tony Hale, its aesthetics are reminiscent of Wes Anderson films, and it offers us childhood as the only possible salvation from the world.

This series full of puzzles and challenges, unlike what we are used to, takes the child viewer as an intelligent and capable being. In fact, the plot proposes that in the face of a world catastrophe, the only ones who can save humanity will be children, with their defense of the truth and their iron and clean scale of values. And in that context enters Mr Benedict (Tony Hale), a somewhat bizarre big boy, who has recruited four orphaned children for his mission after putting them to the test: both their intelligence and their honesty.

‘The Mysterious Benedict Society’ (Disney +): a series that treats children as intelligent and capable

We love it because in these difficult times in which our children have had to grow up, where the referents are youtubers and gamers, and the audiovisual proposals are strident and with frenetic rhythms, a proposal based on intelligence, values ​​such as honesty, teamwork, trust and ingenuity is appreciated. And that also empowers viewers and childhood, making it the salvation of their civilization for simply being children.