Ejaz Khan celebrates Lady Love Pavitra Punia’s birthday in lockdown

Ejaz Khan celebrates Lady Love Pavitra Punia’s birthday in lockdown

On April 22, Actress Pavitra Punia’s birthday is (Pavitra Punia’s birthday) and her boyfriend Ejaz Khan left no stone unturned to make it special. Ejaz gave such a surprise on the holy birthday ( Eijaz Khan celebrates Pavitra Punia birthday ) that she was surprised and did not take pleasure.

Ejaz Khan celebrated the birthday of Pavitra Punia at home amidst a lockdown in Mumbai. They decorated the room with big balloons and also brought many birthday cakes, which the holy punia got excited by seeing.

Ejaz Khan shared Pavitra Punia’s birthday photos on his Instagram account (Eijaz Khan Instagram). Together they wrote, ‘Happy birthday baby. Keep shining, keep smiling. I love you. Happy Baby Pavithra’s party with one in lockdown. Too much cake is done

Aijaz and Pavitra fell in love with Bigg Boss
Pavitra Punia and Ejaz Khan were seen in ‘Bigg Boss 14’. Initially, the show saw a lot of fights between them, but with time the two got closer. In one episode, Ijaz expressed his feelings towards Pavithra when Pavitra Punia became homeless from Bigg Bos’s house.

Pavitra Eijaz love story and proposal
When Pavitra Punia went to Bigg Bos’s house to meet Ejaz Khan during a task, Ejaz proposed her for an official wedding there. However, Ejaz Khan and Pavitra Punia are not ready for marriage yet and both have decided to stay in live-in for the time being.

According to ‘Bollywood Life report, Pavitra Punia and Ejaz Khan have planned to live together before marriage. Both say that by spending more and more time with each other, both want to understand each other better. At the same time, in an interview, Ejaz said that he and Pavithra have to make a lot of papad for marriage and by the end of 2021, both will get married.


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