Eric Zemmour accuses “the government” of putting pressure on the CSA

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Eric Zemmour accuses “the government” of putting pressure on the CSA. The Superior council of audio-visual asked the audio-visual media to “count”, from this Thursday, September 9, “the interventions” of the polemicist.

Eric Zemmour, whose speaking time in the audiovisual media is now counted, accused Thursday “the government” of having exerted pressure on the Superior council of audio-visual, at the origin of this decision. “The policies are so cowardly that they hide behind the so-called independent (CSA), which is absolutely not independent and which is subjected to all the pressures, of people of En Marche, (of) the government and ( d ‘) Emmanuel Macron “, launched the columnist on CNews. “Of course I accuse without proof, yes, I have no proof, but it is a fact. I say where it comes from. We can see where it comes from, so yes, I accuse, j ‘accuses these people of wanting to silence me,’ he continued.

Eric Zemmour’s speeches on “the national political debate” will therefore be counted, according to the decision published Wednesday by the Superior Audiovisual Council (CSA), which now considers Eric Zemmour as a Political personality. But the columnist appeared on the air Thursday in his program “Face à l’Info” on CNews, in accordance with what the group chain Canal+ had indicated earlier today. “We are very surprised by the decision of the CSA, because to date, he has not declared himself a candidate for the presidential election. We allow ourselves the right to comment on the decision of the CSA later,” she added.