‘Euphoria’ will make up for its two years of long wait with a “brutal” season 2

The premiere of the new installment begins to be uphill. With or without coronavirus.

It was one of the star series of 2019 and HBO did not take long to renew it for a second season, but the wait for the premiere of the new installment of Euphoria begins to get uphill. With or without coronavirus. Nevertheless, its creator promises that the return will be “brutal”.

Like so many others, the series developed by Sam Levinson and starring Zendaya and Hunter Schaffer saw the start of the filming of its second installment paralyzed, scheduled for March 2020, when the industry was forced to stop -like the rest of the world- as a consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, once the activity has recovered, although between firm security measures, the process of balancing schedules and starting up all the machinery again would take time.

Thus, as Zendaya had anticipated, the series team and HBO agreed on the launch of two special episodes: ‘The striped ones are not eternal’, centered in Rue (Zendaya) and premiered in the month of December; and ‘Los perfectos am * marla’, centered on Jules (Schaffer) and released in January. However, season 2 remained in the pipeline for several more months despite the fact that Levinson assured with the premiere of the second special that the idea was to shoot and premiere in 2021.

Season 2 of ‘Euphoria’ (HBO) could be filmed and premiered in 2021

Finally, the filming of season 2 of Euphoria It started in spring 2021. Will it be released this year? The matter is tight and we will probably end up leaving in early 2022. Zendaya explained in statements to last July that they had already completed the filming of 1/3 of the season and in his latest statements Sam Levinson has limited himself to praising the The actress’s job and to make a promise that if it is fulfilled it will make the wait of more than two years between seasons worth it.

On the occasion of a recent interview with Zendaya with Vogue, the ‘showrunner’ of Euphoria He has advanced that the new installment will be a brutal season but mainly he has praised the actress, who, for her part, has two great projects in full swing: Spider-Man: No Way Home -première December 17, 2021- and Dennis’s Dune Villeneuve -première September 17-

It is a brutal season and what I like the most about Z is that she is able to go to all those dark places and then, as I say ‘Cut’, she is already going around behind the cameras, eating Cheesecake Factory and making jokes

“It’s family,” Levinson says of the youngest actress to win the Emmy for Best Actress. “We have been shooting all day. We talked about the series, the characters, life, movies, politics. He is one of the most down-to-earth people I have ever met.”

What is clear is that cwhen Euphoria The second installment will be released by HBO Max, which has just announced its launch in Spain and other countries for next October 26.