Feminine movie download by the website Tamilrockers

Feminine movie download by the website Tamilrockers

Rhythm ( Keerthi Suresh ) son Ajay who is happy with her husband Raghu is the world. She tells the child the girl’s story and puts her to sleep. The rhythm goes there with the family when the friend’s father dies.

Then for a few minutes, the baby disappears and the rhythm beats. A few days later someone disguised as Charlie Chaplin kidnaps Rhythm’s son Ajay. The problem between husband and wife is that the child is lost. Rhythm is always sad to remember Ajay. This Rhythm and Raghu are separated.

Rhythm has been looking for Ajay for six years. Police say that at one point Ajay’s dress was found and he died. But Rhythm says with confidence that my son is not dead, he is alive. Rhythm catches on and marries Gautam, who has been looking for a child for years.

Rhythm is pregnant after marriage. Rhythm prepares to become a mother again in the grief of losing a child. In this case, there is a problem even if the baby Ajay is found after 6 years. Rhythm is trying to find out who kidnapped Ajay and why.

Meanwhile, child abduction continues. The doctor who treated Ajay kidnaps the children, takes the organs, and brutally kills them. He thinks he just kidnapped Ajay to find the rhythm of this. But it is only when the doctor inquires that another fact comes to light.

Director Easwar Karthik has given suspense to what it is, who abducted Ajay, and why.

Keerthi Suresh fits the role of a serious mother very much. Keerthi is the whole film. Keerthi has played the given role perfectly. Santosh Narayanan’s music is a big strength for the film.

The film went brisk when it started. But on the go, it has tested the patience of the audience a lot. The length of the film is too long. If it had been cut the Penguin would definitely have been a film that fans would celebrate. Easwar Karthik has taken a different story in the first film and visualized it beautifully. Despite the minuses, Ezwar’s effort should be commended.

Easwar Karthik may have paid extra attention to the screenplay. He is trying to make it interesting what is next and what is next. But the length of the film spoiled it.

It has left viewers wondering when the film will end, in time to think about what is going to happen next. The length of the film, which should have been interesting, spoiled the screenplay for unnecessary buildup and swelling. So, the girl’s mind was not captivated.


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