Fifty years after his first concert in Pamiers, Julien Clerc is a hit

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After making his debut during the Pamiers celebrations, Julien Clerc was back this Thursday evening, on the Jeu-du-Mail stage to the delight of the privileged 300 somewhat unleashed.

Thursday was madness. No young girls in flower throwing their underwear but a crowded Jeu-du-Mail room which gave a very warm welcome to the one everyone calls Juju. With several “u”. “It seems that I had already been to Pamiers in 1968! Yes, I remember signing a lot of autographs with men in black suits. And I also remember that you were very pissed off! “Jokes Julien Clerc after having heated up the front rows with a lot of reinforcement of his hit” La Californie “. This is just the beginning.
Seventy-three years old, a diamond enamel smile and a voice that seems to survive the ravages of time. The star of the French song, who launched his tour “Happy Days” in Pamiers, literally shone with his talent.

Of course, he did not fail to play extracts from his last album, “Terrien”, paying tribute to Marie Bastide, Carla Bruni and Didier Barbelivien who notably enabled him to produce a very societal album, which evokes both the health crisis, isolation and violence against women. But Julien Clerc knows it better than anyone: in concert, his audience loves above all to reconnect with this incredible repertoire which has punctuated his life.

“I assure you that you sang very well!”

It then unfolds “Make me a place”, “If we sang”, “Mélissa” or “Let’s the sunshine”. The same song he sang here 53 years ago. He is an earthling like the others and does not hide it. The soft lights piloted by the municipal teams are dimmed. “Juju” evokes his painful separation from France Gall. “When a woman leaves, some men say she won’t get better. Others say: ‘I’m going to change!’ I write songs. But it doesn’t work any better! He laughs. Maybe yes. But fifty years later, “To suffer for you is not to suffer” still stands up.

Touching and funny at the same time, Julien Clerc knew how to charm the Appameans.

Touching and funny at the same time, Julien Clerc knew how to charm the Appameans.

A priori, the artist who was launching his tour from Pamiers really enjoyed it.

A priori, the artist who was launching his tour from Pamiers had a great time.

With “Cœur de rocker”, the public did not hesitate to go dancing as close as possible to the stage, raising the temperature in a room that clearly lacked air. But whatever, everyone is enjoying themselves and wanting more. “All the journalists asked me if I enjoyed playing in a 300-seat room. I got a silly response saying it was the same for me. I correct: in fact, I hear you much better and I assure you that you sang very well! ”

Everyone is under the spell. The artist had what he had come for: a privileged relationship with the assembly. The people here are not more proud, taller or more beautiful, but they are from here, the people from here. And he said it.