For lack of spectators, a performance of Jean-Marie Bigard canceled and replaced by … a lotto

the essential
For lack of reservations, a show by comedian Jean-Marie Bigard was canceled in the Dordogne.

Jean-Marie Bigard, figure of the anti-pass and anti-vaccine movement, was to give a performance of his show “100% Jokes” in Dordogne, Wednesday September 1st. However, as reported South West, due to lack of seats sold, the organizers decided to cancel the comedian’s coming.

The performance was to bring together between 400 and 450 spectators. However, only 29 seats had been sold. “I spent 2000 euros on communication. […] Is it because of the bullshit Bigard says? I do not know, but 29 places sold, I have never seen that “, declared the president of the organizing association to the Figaro.

Instead, a lottery was organized, and 200 places were sold.